Beans Snap

Identification: Fresh green beans and other varieties are in the same family as shell beans, except they are grown to be picked immature for their tender, edible pods. Related Varieties: Green beans are the most common. Some green varieties,picked

Figure 16.5

Preparing fava beans.

(a) Split open the pods and remove the beans.

(b) Blanch the beans for a few minutes. This cooks the beans and loosens the skins. Peel off the outer skins. Unpeeled beans are on the left, peeled beans on the right.

Green Beans

when very small and tender, are known as haricots verts (ah ree coh vehr, French for "green beans"). Other varieties include yellow or wax beans, purple beans, and flat,Italian-style green beans.

Evaluation: Look for firm and straight beans,with few shriveled ends; even color, without blemishes. Should be tender and crisp enough to break when bent to a 45-degree angle. Enclosed seeds should be small, not large and bulging. Preparation: Wash. Cut or snap off ends. Remove any spots. Leave whole or cut into desired lengths.

Percentage Yield: 88%

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