Batters are semiliquid mixtures containing flour or other starch.They are used in deep-frying to give a crisp, flavorful,golden brown coating.There are many formulas and variations for batters.

1. Many liquids are used, including milk, water, or beer.

2. Eggs may or may not be used.

3. Thicker batters make thicker coatings.Too thick a batter makes a heavy, unpalatable coating.

4. Leavenings are frequently used to give a lighter product.These may be:

• Baking powder

• Beaten egg whites

• Carbonation from beer or seltzer used in the batter

Three recipes for basic, typical batters are given in the recipe for Deep-Fried Onion Rings (p. 576).These batters may be used on a wide variety of products.

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