Basic Units

In the metric system, there is one basic unit for each type of measurement:

The gram is the basic unit of weight.

The liter is the basic unit of volume.

The meter is the basic unit of length.

The degree Celsius is the basic unit of temperature.

Larger or smaller units are made simply by multiplying or dividing by 10,100,1000, and so on.These divisions are expressed byprefixes.The ones you will need to know are:

kilo- (kill-o) = 1,000 deci- (dess-i) = //o centi- (sent-i) = //oo milli- (mill-i) = /4,ooo

Once you know these basic units, there is no longer any need for complicated tables like Table 53Table 5.4 summarizes the metric units you will need to know in the kitchen. (Note:The prefix deci- is rarely used in Canada, although the deciliter is a regularly used unit of volume in Europe.)

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