Barbecue Ovens or Smoke Ovens

Barbecue ovens are like conventional ovens, but with one important difference:They produce wood smoke, which surrounds the food and adds flavor while it bakes or roasts. Special woods such as hickory, mesquite, or fruit woods such as apple or cherry must be added to the smoke-producing part of the oven according to the manufacturer's instructions.This device is usually nothing more complicated than an electric heating element that heats small blocks or chips of the wood so they are hot enough to smoke but not hot enough to burst into flame.

Depending on the model, various cooking features are available.Thus, ovens may have smokeless roast/bake cycles, cold-smoke cycles (with the smoke element on but the oven off), holding cycles, and broiling capabilities.

A barbecue oven that uses wood smoke should not be confused with a smoker, used for making hot-smoked and cold-smoked foods, as discussed in Chapter 26.The interior of a smoker is shown on page 837.

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Why Gluten Free

Why Gluten Free

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