Bacon is a cured, smoked pork product. It is available in whole slabs but is almost always purchased sliced.Thickness of slices is specified by number of slices per pound, usually 18 to 22 (40 to 48 per kilogram).

Low-temperature cooking applies to bacon as well as to other meats. Bacon is about 70 percent fat and shrinks a great deal. However, cooking at low temperatures minimizes shrinkage.The oven is most often used for cooking bacon in quantity, though a griddle or sauté pan may also be used.

To cook in the oven, lay out the bacon strips on sheet pans in a single layer, or, even better, on racks over sheet pans. (Bacon may be purchased already laid out on parchment.) Bake at 300° to 350°F (150° to 175°C) until about three-fourths done. Remove from the oven, being careful not to spill the hot fat. Finish individual portions to order on the griddle or in the oven, cooking them until crisp.

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