Attachments For Mixers And Food Choppers

The following are the most common of the many attachments designed to fit both the food chopper and the vertical mixer.

1. The food grinder is used mostly for grinding meats, although other moist foods may be ground also. Food is forced through a feed tube into a screw, which pushes the food through holes in a plate,where it is cut by a rotating blade.The size of the holes regulates the fineness of the grind.

Make sure the rotating blade is attached properly, cutting edge out, when assembling the grinder.

2. The slicer/shredder consists of a hopper and a lever that feeds the food onto a rotating disk or plate.The plate cuts or shreds the food and drops it into a receiving container.The slicing plate may be adjusted to cut various thicknesses.

3. The dicer attachment forces foods through a grid-type blade that cuts them into perfect dice. Blades of different sizes may be used.

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