Asic Procedures for Braising Meats

Method 1: Braising in Unthickened Liquid

1. Collect all equipment and food supplies.

2. Cut or trim meat as required. Dry it thoroughly. For stews, the meat may be dredged with flour.

3. Brown the meat thoroughly on all sides in a heavy pan with a small amount of fat, or in an oven.

4. Remove the meat from the pan and brown mirepoix in the fat left in the pan.

5. Return the meat to the pan and add the required amount of liquid.

6. Add a sachet or other seasonings and flavorings.

7. Bring the liquid to a simmer, cover the pot tightly, and simmer in the oven or on top of the range until the meat is tender.

Oven braising provides more uniform heat. Temperatures of 250° to 300°F (120° to 150°C) are sufficient to maintain a simmer. Do not let boil.

8. Remove the meat from the pan and keep it warm.

9. Prepare a sauce or gravy from the braising liquid. This usually includes the following: Skim fat.

1 Prepare a brown roux with this fat or with another fat if desired. 1 Thicken the braising liquid with the roux. Simmer until the roux is cooked thoroughly. 1 Strain and adjust seasonings. 10. Combine the meat (sliced or whole) with the sauce.

Method 2: Braising in Thickened Liquid

1. Collect all equipment and food supplies.

2. Prepare meat for cooking, as required.

3. Brown meat thoroughly in a heavy pan with fat or in a hot oven.

4. Remove meat from pan (if required) and brown mirepoix in remaining fat.

5. Add flour to make a roux. Brown the roux.

6. Add stock to make a thickened sauce. Add seasonings and flavorings.

7. Return meat to pan. Cover and simmer in oven or on range until meat is tender.

8. Adjust sauce as necessary (strain, season, reduce, dilute, etc.).

Method 3: Classic Fricassées Follow Method 2, except:

• Do not brown the meat. Cook it gently in the fat without browning.

• Add flour to the meat in the pan and make a blond roux. Finish the sauce with a liaison of egg yolks and cream.

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