Amuse Bouche

An amuse bouche (ah mews boosh) is a tiny appetizer or hors d'oeuvre offered, compliments of the chef and usually in more expensive restaurants, to guests seated at their


Normal lunchtime in Spain is two or three o'clock, while dinner usually isn't eaten before ten o'clock. What better way to spend some of those long hours after work and before dinner than to meet friends at a local tavern and enjoy a glass or two of sherry? People go to tapas bars not so much to eat but to talk and to enjoy each other's company. But of course lunch was hours earlier, and dinner will be hours later, so having a few bites to eat with your wine is almost a necessity.

Out of these traditional dining habits grew the sociable custom of tapas, which has spread around the world.

tables, either before or after they have ordered from the menu. It is an opportunity to showcase an aspect of the chef's cooking style and talent and to welcome the guests.

Nearly anything that can be served in a tiny portion can be served as an amuse bouche,including salads, soups (in espresso cups), canap├ęs, and little portions of meat, fish, or vegetable with a few drops of sauce and a garnish. Usually chefs don't use a separate category of recipe for these items but borrow something from one of their regular menus, preferably not a dish on the menu that evening, and give it a different presentation, garnish, or sauce.

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