I hotographer Jim Smith has been my partner in these texts for 25 years. His hundreds of photographs are an indispensable part of Professional Cooking and valuable teaching tools. I can never thank him enough.Thanks also to Anne Smith for all her support and assistance through the years, and to Ryan Basten for his work in Jim's studio.

During a long and productive session of photography and recipe testing for this edition, I was fortunate to have the expert assistance of Chef-Instructors Rick Forpahl and David Eisenreich of Hennepin Technical College, Chef-Instructor Gil Gaitan of Le Cordon Bleu, Myros Billy, Rose Scaramuzza, Jeff Bieniek, Jason Riedel, Jessica EntzelJane Jost,Liz McCormick, Stephanie O'Connor, Steve Goldschmidt, Martina Cameron, and Jennifer Peck. My wife Meg assisted our kitchen crew and, in addition, helped with my research for many of the text revisions. I am grateful to one and all for their help.They were a pleasure to work with.

The fourth edition of Professional Cooking saw the beginning of Le Cordon Bleu's participation in the development of this text, a participation that continued with the third and fourth editions of Professional Baking and with the fifth and now the sixth edition of Professional Cooking. My deepest gratitude goes to Andre J. Cointreau, president of Le Cordon Bleu, and to chefs Patrick Lebouc, Patrick Terrien, Michel Cliche,MOF, Jean-Claude Boucheret, Gregory Steneck, and Andrew Males.

Christin Loudon, who calculated nutritional analyses in the fourth and fifth editions, has again contributed her expertise and culinary understanding to provide analyses for the new recipes in this edition, for which I thank her most warmly. I would also like to thank DrewAppleby,whose expertly written test questions form an important part of the support materials for this text.

Because the best ingredients are essential to good cooking, I would like to extend a special thanks to Jay and Jane Bunting of Wayzata Bay Spice Company and Blue River Gourmet for helping me obtain high-quality seasonings for recipe testing, and to Jay Flattum, owner of Lofton Ridge Deer and Bison Farm,for supplying specialty meats at a moment's notice. In addition, a warm thank-you goes to Larry DeVries, Chef-Instructor at Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School, Brandon, Manitoba, for his continuing support,counsel,and friendship.

The list of culinary and hospitality professionals who have provided support, guidance, advice, and constructive criticism for all six editions of this book has grown so long that it isn't possible to mention everyone in these paragraphs. I can only hope I have not omitted many of them in the list of reviewers that follows. I would also like to thank all those unnamed individuals who have corresponded with me over the years to point out errors and to offer suggestions.

Wiley CulinarE-Companion™ would not have been a part of this new edition without a team effort. Thank you to Lisa Brefere and Brad Barnes for their consultation every step of the way in designing and developing the new software.I am also grateful to the beta testers who took time to test the program: Patrick Beach, Tom Beckman, Amy Carter, Steve Cornelius, Ross Headlee, Susan Hendee,Anne Jachim, John Kane, James Paul,Mario Ram-say,Robert SalzmannJeremy Sledge,Will Thornton.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone at John Wiley & Sons who worked so hard on this project: Jennifer Mazurkie, Brent Savage, Fred Bernardi, Diana Cisek, Julie Kerr,Tzviya Siegman, Lynne Marsala, Nick Lewis, Michael Mukhoyan,Alexey Zhukov, Vladimir Karpukhin, Pavel Ivchenkov, Maxim Mukhoyan, Oleg Solovyov, Sergey Semin, Mauna Eichner and Lee Fukui, and especially my editor and friend, Melissa Oliver.

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