Safety Precautions During Cooking And Baking Process

Burns and falls are two kinds of accidents that happen often. To guard against them, there are safety steps you can take.

a. Use hot pads when you handle something hot.

Precautions The Kitchen

a. Use hot pads when you handle something hot.

b. Turn handles of cooking utensils parallel to the range and away from the edge of the range so that they are not in the way.

c. Know where you are going to put a hot pot before you take it off the range. Make sure a space has been cleared for the pot.

d. Don't crowd the cooking area around the range with unnecessary personnel or equipment.

e. Never stand in front of the range cabinet or oven doors when you open them. Always stand to the side.

f. Close the range cabinet door the right way. Don't slam it.

g. Do not fill your cooking utensils too full -fill only to a safe handling level.

h. Avoid "horseplay."

9. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS WHEN SERVING. Burns, collisions, and falls are common types of accidents that take place where food is being served. Safety precautions that must be followed when serving are a. Walk carefully when carrying hot foods and do not run or hurry.

b. Be alert when carrying food through doorways. Food servers who are not alert may bump into someone and spill hot food on themselves and others.

c. Keep floors free of spills and dropped foods. Sometimes little spills aren't seen until someone slips and falls.

d. Be very careful when changing steamtable inserts.

e. Warn others when you walk behind them with hot food products.

f. Handle glassware carefully.

g. Keep footwear in good condition.

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