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This Fully Illustrated, 300 Page Ebook Is A Compendium Of Hundreds Of Eco-friendly, Creatively Frugal Gardening How-tos, Remedies & Tips. In this information packed book you will be shown how to become a more successful and eco-conscious gardener while saving lots of money at the same time. The readers of my book will benefit from my years and years of extensive research on gardening techniques; from my participation in Master Gardener training; from my continuing attendance in a multitude of gardening workshops; and of course from my love for reading lots of gardening related articles and books. Everything I've written about in The Shoestring Gardener has been pre-tested by me though trial and error in my own garden. Believe me I am constantly on the lookout for new ways, ideas and methods to find simple and easy solutions to my gardening problems. And I've passed these on in The Shoestring Gardener. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

I started using this ebook straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

As a whole, this manual contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Food4Wealth Easy Vegetable Gardening

After reading and watching Food4Wealth you will know how to set up a garden that produces many times more than a traditional vegetable garden. Set up a garden that only requires 8 hours of light easy effort per year. Grow food that you can harvest every single day of the year, no matter where you live. Set up a garden that never needs digging. Set up a garden that naturally repels pests. Set up a garden that has virtually no weeds. Grow vegetables and fruit organically. Grow food in any soil, Anywhere IN The World. Collect your own Seeds. Grow your own established seedlings for yourself and to sell. Grow more food than you need and sell the excess.

Food4Wealth Easy Vegetable Gardening Summary

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Author: Jonathan White
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Selecting and Sfoving

Try visiting a local farmers market they are often packed with fresh vegetables that have been picked just a few hours before. Or plant your own vegetable garden. There is nothing more satisfying than eating home-grown ruby red tomatoes or crisp zucchini that you have harvested yourself. And gardening can help you become more physically active.

Chronology of This Book

For Christmas, my mother-in-law gave my husband Mike and me a subscription to Organic Gardening, along with some back issues. Wrote the table of contents. (Believed I could finish the book in 2 months.) Placed an ad to appear in the November and December 1970 issues of Organic Gardening. I tried another classified ad in Organic Gardening 2 months at 200 month, and this time only one order. I tried selling to libraries and bookstores, working from mailorder lists, but they wouldn't buy at a high enough price to allow me a profit. There had to be another way to reach potential buyers with no middjeperson. In the meantime, Viola rented her apartment. We moved the bookmaking to Diann's home, but it outgrew her living room. We had to find another place to do it. We rented an empty restaurant on Main Street in Kendrick for 75 a month. We collated on the abandoned counters and, with great care, settled in the precious new 1,200 mimeograph machine which, by the grace of God, had been allowed...

The Business of Herbs

Frontier Natural Products Co-op offers a wide selection of natural and organic foods and personal care products, plus bulk and bottled herbs, spices, and baking flavors, etc. 800-669-3275 2990 Wilderness Blvd., Ste. 200, Boulder, CO 80301 www.frontiercoop.com. Indiana Botanic Gardens sells by mail-order dried herbs, essential oils, floral scents, potpourri, spices, etc. Free catalog orders 800-644-8327 info 800-514-1068 or 219-947-4040 fax 219-947-4148 PO Box 5, Hammond, IN 46325 www.botanichealth.com. Lor Ann Oils sells essential oils, flavorings, and specialty ingredients for soap-, candle-, and food-crafters 4518 Aurelius Rd., Lansing, MI 48910 800-862-8620 517882-0215 fax 517-882-0507 customercare loran-noils.com www.lorannoils.com. Penzeys Spices offers 250+ spices and spice blends for gourmet cooks including arrowroot, vanilla beans, ajwain seed, annatto seeds, cassia buds, and gumbo fil 262-785-7676 800-741-7787 PO Box 924, Brookfield, WI 53008-0924 www.Penzeys.com. Herb Plant...

Greenhouse Hydroponics Aquaculture Combo

Greenhouse water can be recycled to raise edible fish or to do hydroponic gardening. Fish Farming in Your Solar Greenhouse by William Head and Jon Splane explains how to use greenhouse water as a heat-storage material for growing fish and how to use the leftover food and body wastes of fish to grow vegetables. Thus all you must buy or obtain is fish food (for tilapia and catfish), and your crop is both vegetables and mature fish. William Head also wrote Gardening Under Cover, from which I quote (pp. 100-103)

Subtropical and Tropical Fruits

That eastern Washington widow Florence Merrifield, who retired in Jalisco, Mexico, keeps sending me tantalizing progress reports My banana tree has a bunch of bananas ready and 2 other hands forming. Papayas are getting ripe and some have fallen. And mangos . . . there must have been a ton on the seven large trees in my garden. At last they are all about gone. I also have a large vegetable garden. Some green beans and cukes ready now. Planted 5 more banana trees Saturday For more info contact the California Fig Advisory Board, PO Box 709, Fresno, CA 93712 800-588-2344 www.californiafigs.com . Or Valley Fig Growers, www. valleyfig.com . Or read Organic Gardening, Discover Figs for Your World, Sept. Oct. 1991, pp. 30-34. Or National Gardening Magazine, July Aug. 1996, pp. 35-40, Fabulous Figs.

Where should I grow my tomatoes

Cultivation Kitchen

The vegetable garden, or perhaps on an allotment or in a field. Good crops can result from plants in any of these situations. It is, however, important to consider choosing plants that are more resistant to pests and diseases (pp114-119) tomato blight in particular can be a problem with outdoor crops. Some outdoor bush tomatoes may be allowed to sprawl over the ground, but this makes them vulnerable to pests, such as slugs, and to rotting. Support them with canes and twine or proprietary support systems.


To sell organic spices, quality considerations are most important. Since no chemicals are used for fertilization, control of pest and diseases, elimination of weeds and growth acceleration, some buyers fear that the microbial population in the end products could be on the higher side than those prepared conventionally using these inputs. As there is no opportunity for the use of chemicals in crop production, the products should be absolutely free from their residues including pesticides and fungicides. In brief, three important parameters to market organic food are the following

Life cycle

A microscopic thread-like strand (called the hypha) grows from the spore and spreads in the soil under suitable conditions and having available organic food material. This thread continues growing and branching, eventually forming an entangled, very fine three-dimensional mass (called mycelium) that is visible to the naked eye. This network of threads completely penetrates the organic food source like mold and it keeps growing as long as a food source is available.

Work of Odd Moments

However, within an overall structure of formal and actual subordination, women were generally expected to act with considerable autonomy. In the English traditions with which the colonists were familiar, not only the kitchen and other areas within the house, but also the vegetable garden, livestock and poultry pens, and dairy barn, were considered the woman's domain. Jeanne Boydston points out that throughout the colonial heyday of the independent family farm, ''women were responsible for providing

Chicken Walnut

One summer afternoon, Nasrettin Hoca, working on his vegetable garden, stopped to rest his tired bones. The shade of his wahut trees beckoned him to a siesta. With his legs outstretched and his back resting on the trunk, he relaxed. As he did so, he caught sight of a huge watermelon outgrowing its slender stem.

Freerange Chickens

A term related to free-range is organic, which has recently been defined by the USDA as food produced without using most conventional pesticides, fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge, bioengineering, or ionizing radiation. See page 512 for additional information on organic foods.

Goodhi Bhaji

Marrows are a vegetable freely available in most Western countries and which most people with a vegetable garden and sufficient time find very easy to grow. This recipe, a typically vegetarian one, makes use of only young marrows which should never be more than about six or seven inches in length. I must confess that whenever 1 have tasted marrows cooked in a Western style, they always seem rather insipid to me, but having tasted the Indian method of cooking them, I consider that Indian cooks have hit upon a method of spicing which brings out the true flavour of the marrow.

Dream Again

Beyond the vegetable garden we planted a field of corn. For its golden salt and butter taste, and for the movie Field of Dreams. I walk through the field every Summer with the tall green stalks brushing against my shoulders and imagine, I, too, hear voices in the rustling. The voice of my grandmother telling me to remember my dreams.

Crop rotation

To follow a four-year crop rotation, divide the vegetable garden into four areas. On the first plot, grow tomatoes and other members of the same (Solanaceae) family, such as eggplant and potatoes. You can also include root crops, such as carrots and beets, with this group. In the second year, move the tomatoes and roots to the second plot,

Future trends

The organic spice trade is of particular interest to many developing countries growing spices. It should be noted that the initial growth in the organic spice sector is encouraging. Some organic food experts visualize that insufficient supply of organic spices, especially those which are required in large quantities, might become a problem in the next few years (George 1999b). Although the overall picture for the organic spice sector is promising, there are a number of potential risks to be borne in mind. There could be occasional oversupply of a given spice leading to erosion of price attraction. Further, other forms or methods of environmentally friendly and sustainable agriculture are likely to result in increased competition in the future. In addition, unfavourable press reports and scare stories on higher microbial contamination in organic foods, in general, as they are not treated with chemicals also cannot be discounted (George 2000).

About Forage Crops

You can grow forage crops to feed animals in northern zones where you can't grow many fruits and vegetables. In practice, that means it's natural to eat a diet largely based on milk and meat (which your animals manufacture from the grass they eat) in the cold-climate places, where you can't grow enough vegetable-type foods to keep you going. Cheat grass, which grows on rocky hillsides (and is thus useless for vegetable gardening), is that sort of forage crop there are much better ones. But cows can eat cheat grass in the spring and get fat. (Goats get abscesses from it, though.)

Organic farming

Approximately 2 of the US food supply is grown using organic methods. Since 1990, sales of organic products have shown an annual increase of at least 20 , the fastest-growing sector of agriculture. In 2001 retail sales of organic food were projected to be 9.3 billion (Organic Consumer Trends, 2001). Organic foods can be found at natural food stores and major supermarkets, as well as through growers' direct marketing such as CSAs (community supported agriculture) and farmers' markets. Many restaurant chefs across the country are using organic produce because of its superior quality and taste. Organic food is also gaining international acceptance, with nations such as Japan and Germany becoming important international organic food markets. Although in 2000 it represented only around 3 of the total European Union agricultural area, organic farming has in fact developed into one of the most dynamic agricultural sectors in the European Union. The organic farm sector grew by about 25 a year...

World trade

No reliable published data are available on global trade in organic agricultural products. The International Trade Centre, Geneva has, however, carried out a market survey in Europe (Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Italy) and in the United States and Japan in 1997. According to this survey, retail sales of organic foods in these markets were estimated at US 11 billion. The survey did not include Australia, New Zealand and other developed countries. Including these countries, the organic food trade in 1997 would have been over US 12 billion. According to the statistics published by the International Trade Centre, spices are also important organic products marketed globally (Anon. 1999). Demand for organic spices varies considerably from country to country and in the kind of spices in a particular country. At present, only a few European countries, USA, Canada and Japan are looking for organic spices. However, countries such as Australia, New...

Essential Guide to Organic Gardening

Essential Guide to Organic Gardening

By gardening organically, the dependence on chemicals is removed. By eliminating chemicals used in regular gardening, your vegetables will be healthier because they will get the nutrients by natural means. Unlike traditional gardening; organic gardening will help to prevent potentially harmful toxins from entering your body. Lastly, it is much more environmentally friendly.

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