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This brochure contains 20 recipes for one-pot meals. They are stews, stir-fries, casseroles and grain-based salads. They all contain a variety of health-promoting ingredients, and they all can serve as a meal in themselves.

There are many reasons to add some one-pot meals to your weekly menu. First, they are convenient. They take less time to plan and prepare. And there is only one pot to wash.

Furthermore, they add variety to a meal. Most people are used to a plate with meat and vegetables on it. The look, aroma, texture and flavor of these one-pot recipes are novel and enticing. The blended taste of a variety of vegetables, spices and herbs flavored with a small amount of meat will tempt even the most finicky eater.

Finally, all the one-pot recipes in this brochure lend themselves to healthy eating. A healthy meal supplies the energy to last you several hours, but not excess energy that turns to fat. It also supplies various nutrients that help your body fight off chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Too often the traditional American plate fails to qualify as a healthy meal. It is planned around a large portion of meat or poultry with a green vegetable and potatoes served on the side.

If your plate looks like that, you're probably taking in too many calories and certainly too many calories from fat. Furthermore, you may not be getting enough of the vitamins, minerals and health-protecting phytochemicals found in plant foods. As a result, the traditional American plate may not help you maintain a healthy weight or defend your body against chronic disease.

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