Rabbits must be kept supplied with plentiful and clean water. Clean out the water dish regularly, for hair and droppings will get into it. It is important to keep it in a well-roofed place so that droppings from wild birds don't get into it—which could give your rabbits coccidiosis. hot weather: Supply as much as 1 gal. of water per day for a cage containing a doe plus her family. The minimum size for a rabbit water dish for them is up to a halfgallon, and you fill it twice a day. In very hot weather, check their water twice a day also—or more often. Heat is a big risk for rabbits, and having plenty to drink helps them stay cool.

COLD Weather: In the winter when their water freezes, go out twice a day with warm water to give them a chance for a drink. If their water dish is full of frozen water, you'll have to take it in the house to thaw first, or pour hot water on top to thaw it. The easiest system is to have 2 water containers for the hutch in freezing weather: 1 to be inside thawing, 1 to be outside serving water. Water Containers: a good size is 3Vz inches deep and 6-8 inches wide. Hanging water bottles, like those pet stores use in gerbil cages, can work for a single, indoor rabbit. They are sanitary but have to refilled often and can't be used for an outdoor hutch in winter because of the freezing risk. Rabbit water and food containers either must be too heavy for them to pick up and dump over (a favorite rabbit trick) or attached firmly to the cage. Crockery drinking vessels don't rust, are too heavy to be dumped, are easy to clean, and have sloping sides and a rounded bottom that causes ice to rise as it forms instead of staying put and breaking the container. Or you can use the bottom half of a coffee can, or some such, cut down with a tin snips and wired to the side of the hutch so it can't be tipped over. Another homemade waterer is a large pop bottle wired on to hang upside down with its opening in a small can that extends on into the cage. For big operations with hundreds of rabbits an automatic watering system saves hours of time.

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