Recipe Ideas

english Peas: Add them to any salad or soup. Eat raw or cook only briefly to preserve best flavor and nutrition. Serve cooked peas plain, buttered, or in a stew, soup, or casserole.

snow Peas: Open pods and stuff with herbed cream cheese for an appetizer. Or use in any Asian stir-fry dish— for instance, with beef or chicken strips and water-chestnut slices. Serve raw with a dip. Or serve sauteed in oil and hot with grilled mushrooms. Or use in salad. sugar Peas: Add to a meat-onion-potato stew. Or cook pods and all, and then drain and serve with Hollandaise or melted butter. Or chill and serve, covered with French dressing, as a salad. Or stir-fry in oil with sliced onion and celery until all are tender; then season with soy sauce and serve. Or serve with sweet-and-sour sauce over meatballs on a bed of brown rice.

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