Places to Buy or Order Poultry

Feed-Store Chicks: At Kendrick, the feed store doesn't sell chicks, but apparently in many other places it does. Lane Morgan said, "You don't say much about buying chicks from the feed store, but that's what I do. Find out what day their birds will arrive, and make your purchase several days later. That way someone else, probably with better equipment, has fed and sheltered the babies through those first touchy days. I've gotten 2-week-old birds for the same price as newborns, which saves a lot in food and hassle. This is a specially good deal for turkeys, since they are expensive and accident prone."

Mail-Order Sources, Midwest

Cynthia Dick sells roller pigeons, ringneck doves, call ducks, mandarins, four kinds of chickens, 12 bantam breeds, etc.: 1054 Fulton Rd., Hedgesville, WV 25427; [email protected]; www.tillysbarnyard.home

G&K Exotic Farms offers chickens, turkeys, peafowl, guineas, and pheasants: 865-674-6318; fax 865-6742870; 1061 Leadmine Rd., White Pine, TN 37890; [email protected]; Inman Hatcheries sells goslings, ducklings, pheasants, turkeys, chickens: orders 800-843-1962; info 605225-8122; PO Box 616, Aberdeen, SD 57402-0616. Eugene W. Leffelman offers chickens, peafowl, pheasants, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, pigeons, and white-tailed deer: 815-857-3607 (call after 6pm); 1785 Lee Center Rd., Amboy, IL 61310. Murray McMurray Hatchery sells chicks, bantams, ducks, geese, turkeys, guineas, and pheasants. Good source for rare and exotic varieties. Extensive poultry equipment selection for sale. Free color catalog: 515-8323280; order 800-456-3280 (24-hr); fax 515-832-2213; PO Box 458, Webster City, 1A 50595-0458; www. Pilgrim Goose Hatchery sells 13 duckling breeds, chicks (specialty Rhode Island Reds and giants), goslings, poults, guineas. Color-illustrated catalog and book list, $1. B/w catalog, free: 216-293-7056; Creek Rd., Williamsfield, OH 44093. Ridgway Hatchery sells meat-type broilers, white rocks, hamps, reds, barreds, sex links, white leghorns, white pekin, rouen, mallard, khaki-campbell, Indian runner ducklings; embden, toulouse, and Chinese goslings; large white and bronze turkeys; ringneck pheasants; and guineas. Free catalog: orders 800-323-3825; info 740-499-2163; fax 740-499-2828; Box 306, LaRue, OH 43332-0306; Schlecht Farm & Hatchery offers 12 breeds of geese, 15 of ducks, and a large selection of rare breed chicks. Free brochure. Contact: 563-682-7865; 9749 500th Ave., Miles, 1A 52064; [email protected]

Joe Schukar offers poultry, pheasants, doves, ducks—eggs, chicks, and adults in the fall: 308-468-6152; PO Box 507, Gibbon, NE 68840.

Welp Hatchery offers 100+ varieties of chicks, turkeys, ducklings, goslings, bantams, guineas. Cornish-Rock broilers available all year. Cordial, efficient service. Free catalog: 800-458-4473; 515-885-2345; 515-8852346; PO Box 77, Bancroft, IA 50517-0077; www. welphatchery. com.

Mail-Order Sources, North Central

Bob Streich offers pheasants, wild waterfowl, peafowl, swans, chickens, emu, pheasants, geese, cochins, bantam silkies, etc.: 605-338-6797; 26704 481st. Ave., Brandon, SD 57005-7203.

Stromberg Chicks and Gamebirds Unlimited sells chicks, bantams, ducklings, guineas, goslings, turkeys, pheasants, quail, swans, peacocks, and "exhibition birds." Wide selection of rarer breeds. Full range of poultry equipment, books, Havahart traps, incubators: 800-720-1134; 218-587-2222; fax 218-587-4230; Box 400, Pine River, MN 56474; [email protected]; Mail-Order Sources, Northeast

Clearview Stock Farm & Hatchery ships goslings, ducklings, bantams, chickens, turkeys, guineas, gamebirds: 717-365-3234; fax 717-365-3594; Box 399, Gratz, PA 17030.

Hoffman Hatchery offers goslings, ducklings, chicks, guineas, turkeys, bantams, pheasants, quail, chukars, swans, peafowl, books, and equipment. Free catalog: 717-365-3694; PO Box 129, Gratz, PA 17030; www. hoffmanhatchery. com.

John Marth Jr. offers pheasants, chukars, chickens (including Silkie bantams), jungle fowl, guineas, peacocks, doves, and pigeons: 570-676-0435; RR#1, Box 25B, Newfoundland, PA 18445.

Moyer's Chicks offers incubators, fertile eggs, chicks. "Selling over 200,000 per week." Free brochure: 215-536-3155; fax 215-536-8034; 266 E. Paletown Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951-2831; www.moyers

Rainbow Feather Farm offers pheasants, doves, waterfowl, pigeons, and chickens. Send long SASE for complete breed list to Don and Roseann Woodward: 717-7343625 (evenings); RR 1, Box 339, Honey Grove, PA 17035; [email protected]

Cathy Smith offers pheasants, blue peafowl, chickens, and doves: 717-933-5438; 336 Long Rd., Myerstown, PA 17067; [email protected]. Mail-Order Sources, South

Double R Discount Supply offers 150+ breeds and varieties of chicks (poultry, waterfowl, gamebird), plus incubators. Free catalog: 321-768-1912; 4036 Hield Rd. NW, Palm Bay, FL 32907; [email protected];

Ideal Hatchery is the only place that offers capons. They also sell the commercial-type white Cornish roosters, etc.: 254-697-6677; fax 254-687-2393; PO Box 591, Cameron, TX 76520; [email protected] com;

Larry Miller offers peafowl, turkeys, cochins, doves, quail,

--pheasants, etc.: 817-558-0606; 716 Many Oaks,

642 Joshua, TX 76058; [email protected]

Gerald Smith offers ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons, standard chickens and bantams, etc.: 478-934-4286; Rt. 3, Box 2100, Cochran, GA 31014. Unicorn Woods Hatchery ships chicks, chickens, bantams, cornish, cochins, turkeys, pheasants, ducks (eggs, meat, or exhibition breeds), Saipan jungle fowl, quail, peacocks, etc., by U.S. mail to any U.S. address: CarlaJ. Quataert; 870-895-4212; HCR 87, Box 832-N, Salem, AR 72576. Mail-Order Sources, West Harder's Hatchery sells "old favorite breeds" of baby chicks, turkeys, ducklings, goslings, guineas, bantams, and gamebirds. Free catalog: 509-659-1423; Ritsville, WA 99169.

Phinney Hatchery, whose motto is "cheepers by the dozen," offers all sorts of standard chicken breeds, turkey poults, ducklings, goslings, and some gamebirds. Free price list: 509-525-2602; 1331 Dell Ave., Walla Walla, WA 99362. Mail-Order Sources, Canada

Frey's Hatchery hatches eggs mid-March to mid-July:

chickens, large white turkeys, broilers, crosses, Barred Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island Reds, ducks, pheasants, and ready-to-lay hens. Contact: 519-664-2291; 80 Northside Dr., St. Jacobs, Ontario NOB 2N0, CANADA; No shipping to U.S.

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