Passion Fruit

This wonderful perennial and evergreen vine from Brazil will grow only in a hot, humid subtropical zone. It can endure a brief light frost, but that's it. Because it will grow in a container you have that option also, pruning to keep it the size you need. The flowers are unusual and very beautiful. It grows quickly and generously produces fruit in 2 years. The vine can climb as high as 30 feet. There are several varieties, some better for flowers, others for fruit. The fruit will be mature about 3 months after the flower bloomed. Passiflora edulis fruits from summer through fall. Passion fruit has an outer juicy orange pulp and seeds in the middle. You can juice it for any juice use: punch, syrup, jelly. Seeds are available from Southern Seeds. Several varieties, guaranteed down to 25 or 26°F, are offered by Pacific Tree Farms.

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