llce: Lice can turn up on practically anything, man or beast. And don't let anybody kid you and tell you that animal lice leave human beings alone. I know several people whose whole households have gotten horrible cases of lice from animals, in one case from a neighbor's milk cow. Animal lice don't generally make the jump to people unless you get really intimate—like leaning your head against the cow. But once you've got 'em, you have a fight on your hands. If you can help it, don't go home. Take a hot shower. Wash your hair with a strong soap. Wash all the clothes you were wearing in detergent and hot water. If still in doubt, buy a can of garden spray that's good for flying bugs (terribly strong stuff, I know, but nothing lesser that I know of is really effective) and spray your car. Take off your shoes and spray them.

If the infestation of lice is in your whole family or your house, you're going to have to go through this battle again and again. It won't be easy, but in the end you'll win. I've been through it. Wash all the clothes and bedding. Shampoo and bathe the children. Fumigate the house thoroughly. If it doesn't work, do it again. And you have my sincerest sympathy. This is one of the most miserable afflictions I can think of—and it's the same for the cow or chickens or other critters that have 'em. Malathion is an effective spray, but it's terrible inorganic stuff. A new treatment of whitewash in your animal shelter and crankcase oil on the roosts, in the case of chickens, has been known to work. Makes me itch and scratch just to write about it.

maggots: Maggots are caused by flies that lay their eggs in a wound. When the eggs hatch, the little worms live in the animal's flesh. It is a terrible sight. When I was little we had a lot of trouble with bears getting into the sheep. Often the bears succeeded only in getting part of a sheep. I remember vividly helping my daddy. He would hold the wounded sheep down while I poured the dark, thick anti-maggot medicine all over where the worms were writhing in the exposed flesh. So be forewarned. If your animal has an open wound in the fly season, you must keep a salve on it or else pour an antimaggot solution over it. worms: Medicine for worms can be given via an animal's food or drink, or in a shot. It depends on the animal and on the worm—the varieties of which are legion. Don't treat unless you actually have the problem.

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