Other Sauces

Great-Grandmother was strong on sauces. She made her own and made lots of different kinds. Her "pudding" (really a steamed bread) was always served with a sauce. The calf's-foot jelly also usually had a sauce. I like coffee jelly with a simple brown-sugar-dissolved-in-rich-cream sauce. Sauces generally run in three types—sauces for fruit, meat, and pudding. My sauces for fruit generally are based on whipped cream. To go with meat at table, it's usually a homemade fruit ketchup for me. The other kind I make a lot is a barbecue sauce, which to me means some form of tomatoes, plus molasses, a dash of vinegar, and some chopped onion, which I mix together and pour over the meat when it's about one-third to one-half done. Barbecued meat is a favorite with the children. (Anything sweet is a favorite with the children.)

<P> FRUIT AND CREAM SAUCE Whip I c. cream and sweeten with about A c. honey. Put the whipped cream on your pudding or shortcake and then pour a spoonful of fruit on top.

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