Non Lyme Big Ticks

The best way to kill a tick, I think, is to drop him into the flame of your stove, or put him on an electric burner until you're sure he's dead. They don't crush easily. Or else pull the head part away from the body part, or tear open the body part. To remove a tick that isn't just walking around (one that is dug in and feeding), use tweezers or your fingers, but be sure to get a firm hold on the little head part. Otherwise, you may just pull him apart. Don't assume that just because you've got his head in the tweezers, he's dead —he isn't.

If you think this is brutal talk about a fellow life form, you've never worn a tick. The worst tick season here is May. We have to check dogs and kids every day and have gotten as many as 20 at a time off a dog. Ticks eat only twice in their lives, but when they feed, they feast. They usually go to the head end of their victim, and that helps you to find them.

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