Chufa (Cyperus esculentus), also called "nutsedge," "nutgrass," and "ground almond," can be gathered wild or planted in your garden. It's good and tasty food for both people and animals. It looks like grass above ground. Harvest the tuberous roots in spring and early summer. recipe Ideas: Eat the sweet, nutty-tasting tubers raw like candy. Or cook with other vegetables in a soup. Or stir-fry with greens, peanuts, and other vegetables. Or boil with potatoes and onions and serve with a cream sauce. Or roast like peanuts and then add to a tossed salad. Or puree in a blender until of a nut-butter consistency. Or make into drinks served hot or cold (has an almond-coconut taste). Or grind and add to any baked goods (adds a nutty flavor).

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