Cows and humans go way back, at least to the Sumerians in the ancient Middle East, who recorded their relationship in stone, and probably back to the Stone Age. Since a dairy cow can live 20 years or more, producing a calf each year and milking most of that time, she can be in your life for a long time. You use her male calves for beef, her female calves either for beef or raise them to be milk cows, too. With a dairy cow in your life, except during her annual rest for late pregnancy, you'll have more milk than at first you know what to do with. You can use the extra milk in the sorts of recipes I've collected here. You'll still have too much. So use some to raise her calf, and young pigs for your meat supply, and to help feed the hens. Or make cheese, and feed the pigs and chickens the whey that is left from cheese making.

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