Allium All the Onions

This section is dedicated to the great Allium genus—all the onions and their near (and also strongly flavored) relatives, totalling some 250 edible varieties worldwide! The alliums are from the lily family of the monocots, which means the onions are more closely related to grass than to carrots! They all are rich in sulphur, which gives them their vivid flavor— and their stink when rotting. The alliums include leeks, rocambole, Welsh onions, globe onions (sweet, red, yellows, etc.), pearl onions, potato onions, and top-set onions—and chives, garlic, elephant garlic, shallots, etc., as well.

Each of those has around 15 other common names, many of which are the same for different kinds of onions. Then there are the variety names in the seed catalogs, which are likely to be different from the common names. And varieties are frequently written about under the wrong name, sometimes even in garden manuals. In at least one case, experts recently changed the Latin designation for an allium variety; now some experts call it by one Latin name and others by another.

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