Aging Mutton

Preparation for Hanging: Rewash the outside. Carefully trim away any pieces of adhering skin or wool, any bruises, hair, or manure spots. Lamb carcasses are not usually halved and quartered before cooling because of their relatively small size. In cool weather (28-35°F), the carcass can be wrapped in a sheet, hung, and chilled in a well-ventilated shed, but don't let it freeze. Freezing within 1 day after death may toughen the meat. One way or another you need to accomplish prompt and thorough chilling of the warm carcass. After it has been chilled 24-48 hours you can commence with cutting it up. time to Age: Extended hanging (up to 3 weeks) tenderizes the meat but also risks spoiling. I recommend you aim for the middle range in aging that older sheep. Hang the meat only about 10 days—and that only if you have facilities to keep it above freezing and below 40°F

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