Final Exam for

What is the basic bread recipe?

How can you start one beehive off another?

How do you make cottage cheese?

If you had no livestock feed store to buy commercial feeds at, what would you grow, and approximately how much of it or what proportions would you feed your goat every day in winter? Rabbit? Cow? Chicken? Pig?

What's a "potato onion"? How do you grow garlic? What prevents motion sickness?

What can you use to make a variety of home-grown, caffeine-free coffee?

If you have no electricity, gas, or other "modern" energy source, how can you preserve meat? Fruits? Root vegetables? Squash and pumpkins?

What do you use for potato seed? How do you plant potatoes?

What is the correct weight at which to butcher a broiler chicken? A rabbit? A pig?

State the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a goat or a cow for home dairy use.

What aspect of soap making is very dangerous, and how can you minimize that risk?

What can whole wheat be used for?

How do you make a homemade cheese press?

What is the best way to house an expectant doe rabbit?

How would you grow and harvest a grass grain without using any fossil fuel in the process?

The answers are all in this book!


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