Beef Loin Strip Loin Steak Boneless

The boneless steaks shall be prepared from any beef short loin, bone-in strip loin, or boneless strip loin item, provided the item meets the end requirements of Item No. 180. All bones and cartilages shall be excluded. See Item No. 1173 for purchaser tail length options.

"1 "1 OA Beef Loin, Strip Loin Steak, 10\Jr^ Boneless, Center-Cut

This item, in addition to meeting the requirements of Item No. 1180, shall be further prepared by excluding the posterior or sirloin butt end of the boneless strip loin at or

anterior to the gluteus medius. The gluteus medius, if present, may appear only on one side of the steak.

Luteus Medius Beef
Graphic illustration of the length of tail difference on strip loin steaks, (bone in and boneless).

"I "I O Beef Loin, Top Sirloin Butt Steak, Boneless

The boneless steaks may be prepared from any top sirloin butt, provided the item meets the end requirements of Item No. 184. Prior to cutting the top sirloin butt into steaks, it shall be faced by a straight cut to exclude the heavy connective tissue closely associated with the protuberance of the femur so that the appearance of the gluteus medius is oval in shape. The boneless top sirloin butt may be separated into sections reasonably parallel to the backbone line to accommodate the cutting of specified portion-size steaks. The sections shall be cut into steaks reasonably parallel to the cut surface of the round end.

Luteus Medius Beef

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