What a luscious idea Let your guests make their own dessert at a trifle bar. Set out an assortment of ingredients to layer along with a glass for each person. You can mix and match glassware of different shapes to add to the fun. Our Test Kitchen and food stylists came up with this list of ingredient ideas. Try these or create your own Quick breads (pumpkin, blueberry, etc) Pineapple Star fruit Cherries Dried fruit Mango Plain or flavored whipped cream (add chocolate, lime zest, etc.)...


Kids also love playing in the dirt. So I combined all f that love into a Child's Pizza Herb Garden event r at Miami-Dade County Fruit & Spice Park, where I'm the events coordinator. Our local Home Depot provided planter box kits, soil and seeds for basil, oregano, tomatoes, etc. With a little help from parents, the kids built the boxes. Imagine 40 hammers pounding at once Our herb garden specialist gave the group a tour of the exten sive gardens here at our 40-acre park,