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Jellies Jams Preserves Marmalades Fruit Juices And Sirups

After the fruit has been selected and prepared as usual by washing, stemming, and so forth, it is ready to be heated in an acid-proof kettle. With juicy fruits use just enough water to prevent burning--about one cup of water to every four or five quarts of fruit. The juicy fruits are currants, raspberries, and so forth. With less juicy fruits, as apples or quinces, use enough water to cover, or follow the rule, half as much water as fruit. Use the cores, skins and seeds these improve the flavor and color of the jelly. The next step in jelly making is vitally important--that is, how much sugar to use to a given amount of fruit juice. This is where many housewives fall down on jelly making. They use the same proportion of sugar to all juices. It is harder to make jellies from the fruits to which a large amount of water is added than from the juicy fruits. I am frequently asked, When should you add the sugar to the fruit juice in jelly making Do you add it at the beginning of the...

URLhttpwww vitalitacomDesserts of Vitality

Other alternative sweeteners include sucanat syrup (liquid), concentrated fruit juice (e.g., apple), date sugar (dry), date syrup, brown rice powder (dried brown rice syrup), barley malt powder, and maple sugar (dry). When replacing liquid sweeteners with other liquid sweeteners, the main consideration is sweetness. A secondary consideration is the flavor brown rice syrup and barley malt syrup have a slightly bitter flavor if large quantities are used, they can give a dessert too much of a bitter edge it is often best to balance these slightly bitter syrups with other non-bitter sweeteners such as maple syrup, agave nectar, sucanat, or concentrated fruit juice.

Step 2 The Appliances

For an extra special treat, marinade several cuts of meat before throwing them on the grill. If it's tender meat, marinade only for a short time (a few hours). If it's a tough cut, pierce with a fork and allow the marinade to soak in for a day or so. The secret to a good marinate is to add one acidic component (vinegar, wine, yogurt, soy sauce, or fruit juice) to tenderize the meat and one part flavoring component (olive oil, fruit slices, herbs, honey) to flavor the meat. Here's an example of a great marinade

ORigm botanical facts

Although lemons are too tart and acidic to eat as fresh fruit, they are among the most versatile and widely used fruits. The juice and grated peel are used to flavor a wide variety of foods and beverages. Spread on the surface of cut fruits (such as apples) and vegetables (such as potatoes), lemon juice prevents browning that results from oxidation. Frozen lemon juice, but not the processed type (labeled as reconstituted ), is an acceptable substitute for fresh juice.

Steps In Jelly Making

Make alcohol test for pectin to determine minimum amount of sugar to use, also the character of the fruit. The amount of pectin, the fundamental jelly-making property, varies in different fruits. To make the pectin test add to one tablespoonful of cold cooked fruit juice one tablespoonful of grain alcohol. Shake gently. Allow to stand one-half hour. If three-fourths or more of the juice forms a 7. If fruit juice meets jelly-making test put on to cook.

Troubleshooting breads

1 Finally, let's address the taste of the bread. Without some precautions, gluten-free bread can easily taste like cardboard. Fortunately, you can add all sorts of things to the dough to avoid this from happening. Substitute some of the water with a liquid that has flavor, like cold brewed coffee, honey, maple syrup, molasses, or fruit juice (pineapple, lemon, orange, or apple). Add extra flavoring (more vanilla or almond flavoring, cinnamon, Italian seasoning, Parmesan, or cheddar cheese). You can add toasted seeds (sesame, poppy, caraway, or sunflower) as well as toasted nuts of all kinds. Toasted coconut or mini chocolate chips are also optional stir-ins, as are minced dried fruits. Try using dark brown sugar in place of granulated sugar. And finally, think about substituting a portion of the gluten-free flour mixture with a flour that has more flavor, such as cornmeal, almond flour, coconut flour, or sweet potato flour.

O6Oatmeal Banana Cookies

1 2 cup fruit juice sweetened dried banana spears, diced Combine dry ingredients in a large bowl. Cut coconut oil (or shortening or oil) into flour mixture (using a fork and a knife). Mix in chopped walnuts and fruit juice sweetened dried banana spears that have been diced into raisin-sized pieces.

Sunflower Almond Spread

Place almonds and sunflower seeds in mixing bowl and cover with distilled water. Cover and let soak 6-12 hours at room temperature. Drain. Using a food processor with an S blade or a juicer with the blank in place, process the almonds, seeds, carrot and garlic. Stir remaining ingredients into sunflower mixture.

Avocado Dip Guacamole

There are many ways to make this popular food, and all of them are delicious. The essential ingredients are avocados and lime or lemon juice. Without the acid from the fruit juice, the avocados quickly turn brown, so be sure to add it.The number of chiles you use depends on how hot you want your guacamole. Taste it before adding too many. Instead of chiles, you can use a dash of chili powder or Tabasco sauce for a little heat.

Living Up To Contracts

Occasionally a quantity of fruit which will not meet the rigid requirements of the canning business can be turned into preserves, jellies or fruit juices. Preserves and jellies should be marketed in glass, and fruit juices in bottles, although some manufacturers are now marketing some of these products in fiber cups. This line of products will require some additional equipment, but there is a steady demand for such homemade things and many women are deriving profits through the sale of their tastily prepared jellies, just as pickles and condiments have lined the pocketbooks of ambitious housewives before now.

Tastings Food enhancers in hot dogs

Maltol and ethylmaltol are two organic enhancers that processors use to enhance sweetness in commercially produced food, particularly fruit juices. At a lower level of only 50 parts per million (0.00005 ) they enhance sweetness so much that processors can reduce sugar by 15 percent and you still perceive the same sweetness. At a level of 500 parts per million (0.0005 ) you perceive a smooth mouthfeel when eating food containing these enhancers. (Maltol is one of the

Recipes with Sweeteners

Simple syrups are made with sugar and water and with or without flavoring. Flavorings can consist of extracts, liqueurs, and fruit juices. These are used for dessert and pancake syrups and are often used in recipes. How much water is used is a matter of preference. We have often used two cups of sugar for one cup of water. There is no reason to use more water than necessary it simply must be boiled off.

Nutritional analysis OF recipes

Agar flakes dissolve in hot liquids and thicken as they cool to room temperature or below. General preparation to gel a liquid goes as follows Add 4 tablespoons of flakes to 4 cups or fruit juice or other liquid and let the agar sit on the top of the liquid for 5 or more minutes. Then bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes or until dissolved. Cool until firm.

Native American Health Recipes

The best drink is spring water, it is the healing fluid of the body. If you are going to serve Coffee than serve only Decaffeinated Coffee (served at Breakfast only). Fruit Juices are okay in limited amounts like Pure Unsweetened Apple Juice, Pure Grapefruit Juice, Pure Orange Juice, and a variety of Herbal teas (no regular tea).Do not serve Tang, or other pre-mixed juice powders. Fruit Juice (Pure - Apple, Orange, Grapefruit) Vanilla Yogurt (low-fat, plain without fruit) Herbal Tea, Non-Fat milk or Decade Coffee Soup Aboriginal Soup 108 1 Slice Whole Wheat (seven grain) Bread Fruit Juices Fruit Juice Fruit Juices Fruit juice, Non-Fat milk, or Decaffeinated Coffee Herbal Teas, Non-Fat Milk, or Decaffeinated Coffee Fruit Juices Fruit Juice, Herbal Tea, Non Fat Milk, or Decaffeinated Coffee SNACK Fruit and Herbal Tea LUNCH

Guidelines for Making Gelatin Salads

Acids, such as fruit juices and vinegar, weaken the gelatin set, so a higher proportion of gelatin to liquid is needed, sometimes as much as 4 ounces or more per gallon (30 g per liter). The setting power is also weakened by whipping the product into a foam and by adding a large quantity of chopped foods. It is impossible to give a formula for how much gelatin to use, as it varies with each recipe. Test each recipe before using it. Unflavored gelatin Water, cold Fruit juice grapefruit, orange, or pineapple Sugar Salt 6. Add enough fruit juice (or part juice and part water) to the liquid from the pineapple to measure 3V2 pt (1.75 L). 7. Bring the fruit juice to a boil in a stainless-steel pan. Remove from heat.

What Yeast Do You Use For Birch Sap Wine

Monitoring And Evaluation Comics

Use black or spotted bananas, whatever you can scrounge. Place bananas and fruit peel into a cloth bag and put the bag, tied up, into a large saucepan or boiler with the water. Bring to the boil, then gently simmer for half an hour. Pour the hot liquor over the sugar and fruit juice, and when the cloth bag has cooled squeeze it with the hands to extract as much liquor as possible. When all the liquor is lukewarm (70 degrees F.) add the yeast. Leave it in a warm place for a week, stirring daily, then pour into a glass jar and move to a cooler place it will be a thick-looking mess, like a lot of soapsuds. Keep it well covered and in a couple of months it will have a large sediment at the bottom. Siphon off, then add the chopped raisins. Fit an air lock and siphon off again after four months by then it will have started to clear. Leave a further six months before sampling. It improves the longer you keep it. Peel the oranges and lemons (discard all white pith) and boil the peel in the...

Making up a starter bottle

Instead of adding the wine yeast direct to the must, one starts it off in a specially-prepared bottle of sterilised fruit juice of some sort, and nutrient, and then, when the contents of the starter bottle are fermenting vigorously, they are added to the must. The yeast thus has a much better chance of succeeding, since it is already in full activity. The snag, of course, is that one has to remember to activate the yeast in this way about 48 hours before it is likely to be needed, to allow time for this starter fermentation to get under way. Once a yeast has been activated, this problem diminishes, for a little of it can always be kept back and grown on in another starter bottle by adding more fruit juice, water, sugar and nutrient, and the process can be repeated ad infinitum as long as care is taken to keep the yeast under sterile conditions. For the starter juice, one can use either the juice from which the wine is to be made (if some can be obtained beforehand), or some other...

Guidelines for Making Fruit Salads

Some fruits discolor when cut and should be dipped into an acid such as tart fruit juice. See pages 680-684 for pre-preparation guidelines for individual fruits. 6. Dressings for fruit salads are often slightly sweet, but a little tartness is usually desirable as well. Fruit juices are often used in dressings for fruit salad.

Preservation and Preserves

We found only two fruit jelly recipes in which fruit juice was to be mixed with another jelling substance, whether isinglass jelly, calves' feet jelly, or ready-made gelatin. Throughout the period under study, fruit jellies were made by boiling the fruit, generally in just enough water to cover it, straining the resultant juice through a sieve or jelly bag, adding sugar in the standard pound-for-pound ratio, boiling the sugar-juice mixture, and pouring it into jars or glasses for cooling and setting. In some sources toward the end of the period, it was recommended that the sugar be heated in the oven prior to being mixed with the strained fruit juice. Various authors cautioned against squeezing the jelly bag while the juice was being strained through it, since, as Hale stated, this allowed thicker particles'' through and kept the jelly from being brilliantly clear.'' Another author argued that squeezing was permissible after the clear juice has been obtained.''54

The market for baby foods

Highly soluble baby cereals are commonly extruded with high shear rate and formulated to use fruit juices, cane sugar, or fructose as a sweetener and fortified with stable vitamins and minerals. Such cereals are formed into specific shapes and designs and use little or no preservatives or coloring. Most are in the organic and natural section of the store and may use natural preservatives such as vitamin E, rosemary and the like. They are usually marketed in a bag-in-a-box and consumed with dairy milk or soya milk that are formulated for toddlers as well as younger children. The product may be direct-expanded or flaked. It may also contain pieces of dried fruit or contain high calcium phosphate, with a variety of natural sweeteners sprayed on the surface of the product. The product needs to have a very short bowl-life and very short crunch. The morphological and ultrastructural view of such a product will reveal very minute air cells in the cross-section with thin air cell walls. The...

Whats Wrong With Carbohydrates

If you mean what's wrong with a spear of broccoli or a bunch of spinach, the answer is nothing, they're magnificent foods. When I speak negatively of carbohydrates, I'm referring to the unhealthy ones-those lurking in the sugar bowl and the bin of white flour, along with milk, white rice and processed and refined foods of all kinds. I also must include concentrates, such as fruit juices.

Gramajo Omelet

Because dinner is taken very late, most people eat a late afternoon snack after work, almost a meal in itself. In cities, these are commonly eaten in cafes, and may be sandwiches of steak, steak and cheese, or toasted cheese and ham savory pastries sausage rolls or an omelet with crisp potato straws and ham (Gramajo omelet). Yerba mate tea, coffee, fruit juice, or wine are drunk with this snack. The


They contain lemon juice, vinegar, wine, tomato juice, buttermilk, yogurt, even acidic fruit juice, along with spices, herbs and flavorings that give meat a completely different character and a complex flavor. They are only effective on small pieces of meat, no more than a couple of inches thick, because they only penetrate about half an inch below the surface. The acid in the marinade alters the chemistry of proteins (organic chemists' term the acid denatures proteins), a process somewhat similar to cooking but without heat. No actual cooked meat flavor develops in this process.

Candy Apple Jelly

Stir fruit pectin into fruit juice in saucepan. Add butter. Bring mixture to full rolling boil on high heat, stirring constantly. Quickly stir in all sugar. Return to full rolling boil and boil exactly 1 minute, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Skim off any foam with metal spoon.

Jams And Butters

Fruit juices furnish a healthful and delicious drink and are readily canned at home. Grapes, raspberries and other small fruits may be crushed in a fruit press or put in a cloth sack, heated for thirty minutes, or until the juice runs freely, and allowed to drip. Fruit juices should never be heated above 200 degrees, as a higher temperature injures the flavor.

Valentine Salad

* 2 cups water -- fruit juice Dissolve gelatin in 1 cup hot water or fruit juice and add the remaining cup of cold liquid. Chill until partly set, then add remaining ingredients. Pour into individual heart-shaped molds and chill. Unmold for serving on chicory or curly endive which will give a lacy effect. Garnish each salad with an arrow of mayonnaise forced through a pastry tube.

Apple Juice

Remove any brown spots. Core and remove seeds. Now process your apples through the juicer . After juicing add water and juice of 1 lemon. Run thru a cheesecloth to remove excess pulp. Freeze in Ice cube trays or can in bottles. Now if you don't have a juicer, then try this method.

Good ideas for pork

Pork has a mild flavor that you can easily take in several directions with marinade, and it gives itself over well to the marinade, readily absorbing the flavors. Soy sauce is a stellar starter for pork and shows up in the majority of pork marinade recipes use it with ginger, garlic, and honey or sugar, and you get a tender, tasty result. Go in the other direction and pair it with fruit juices for a sweeter and milder result.


Tumbler glassato Italy Glazed, iced glass blower's herring See glasmastarsill glasswort Samphire, Salicornia europaea Glasur Germany Icing Glattbutt Germany Brill Glatthai Germany Smooth hound, the fish Glattrochen Germany Common skate glaze See glace de viande glaze, to 1. To give a glossy coating to sweet and savoury dishes so as to produce a decorative finish. Beaten egg, milk, and lard are used with bread or buns. Sugar and fruit syrups are used with sweetened doughs and cakes. Arrowroot and sugar thickened fruit juices are used with fruit tarts, butter with vegetables, and aspic jelly is used with savoury items, canap s, etc. 2. To brown food under a very hot grill e.g. cr me br l e and sauces containing a liaison of eggs and cream used on fish glazuur Netherlands Glazed gliadin One of the types of protein in gluten which is soluble in dilute salt solutions. This affects the plasticity of dough. glister pudding Scotland A steamed pudding made from a Victoria sponge mixture...


Kitchen yields The season, climate, count, and the type of juicing machine used influence the yield. Juicing machines must be adjusted to conform to the sizes of the oranges to get the best possible yield. Higher-count oranges give slightly better yields. Storage oranges are available from July to October, but the juice yield is lower. One case 125 2 gal (8.5 l) to 2 gal (9.5 l).

Milk and acid

If you add anything quite sour like citrus juice, vinegar or tart fruits, the milk curdles instantly as the casein precipitates. Sometimes we do this deliberately, making custards with fruit juices or fruits, for example, but the soft curds will disperse when slowly heated in the oven, and add firmness to the custard. Most of the time, you don't want milk to curdle. To prevent this, mix starch (in the form of flour, cornstarch, tapioca) with the acid ingredient. Starch keeps the casein

Outside Your Home

If the eating establishment is one you patronize often, talk to the waiter or the maitre d' and make it crystal clear that you're on a plan that permits no sugar in any manner, shape or form. This way you can root out hidden sugar in salad dressings or even in such prepared dishes as tuna fish salad. Sometimes fruit juices are used in cooking as a sugar substitute, which are equally unacceptable.


Fruit of the coconut palm native to the tropics. The outer coating is a thick greenish to yellowish fibrous husk. The husk is often removed before shipping to save weight and to make sure that the inside nut is not damaged or rancid. Coconuts with the husk removed are referred to as balds. Green coconuts have become increasingly available in ethnic markets and are often tapped for fresh juice. For Processed Coconut Products, see the Groceries section.

Power Smoothie

In a blender, combine 1 2 banana, 1 2 cup yogurt ( I like vanilla flavored), 1 2 cup fruit juice (i.e. orange, cranberry, etc.). For added nutrition I use 1 Tbls. soy protein powder, 1 Tbls. molasses, and 1 tsp. wheat germ. Blend until smooth. Then add frozen fruit, i.e. strawberries, raspberries, etc., one at a time, until smoothie is consistency you desire.


Materials that can be used for flavorings can be grouped as follows spices and herbs essential oils and their extracts fruits and fruit juices and aliphatic, aromatic, and terpene compounds. Spices and herbs consist of dried plant products that exhibit flavor and aroma. They are derived from true aromatic vegetable substances from which the volatile and flavoring principles have not been removed. Essential oils and their extracts are odorous oils obtained from plant material and have the major odor that is characteristic of that material. Most have poor water solubility and most contain terpenes (hydrocarbons of formula C10H16 and their oxygenated derivatives C10H16O or C10H18O) which contribute to the poor water solubility as well as possibly contributing to the off-flavor. Examples are essential oils of bitter almond, anise, and clove. Terpeneless oils are extensions of concentrated essential oils in which the unwanted terpenes are removed. These oils are usually more concentrated...

Summer Pudding

Cut 3 circles of bread to fit the base, middle and top of a 900 ml (1 Vi pint) pudding basin. Shape the remaining bread to fit round the side of the basin. Soak all the bread in the reserved fruit juice. Turn onto a serving plate, pour over any remaining fruit juice and serve with whipped cream or Yogurt Snow (above). Serves 8

Sitdown Buffets

Chaud Froid Platters Fish

Breakfast buffets are usually informal, and frequently guests gather slowly. For early guests, a separate table may be set up with fruit juices or iced fruits and hot coffee. Typical breakfast items should be displayed on the main buffet table Cereals (hot and cold) toast sweet rolls or coffee cake hot cakes or waffles and sirup sausage, bacon, or ham and coffee, tea, and milk. b. Brunch. A brunch buffet is commonly served on Sundays and holidays, and the menu includes breakfast items and luncheon items. The following items for brunch buffet menus are suggestions only, and obviously not all items would be included on the same menu Fresh fruit, fruit juices roast beef, chicken, chicken livers, sweetbreads, ham sausage, bacon eggs pancakes or waffles with sirup molded salads potatoes toast, sweet rolls, English muffins Danish pastry, cheese cake, coffee cake jelly or preserves coffee, tea, milk. A brunch menu might consist of--


Medicinal values have been claimed for various preparations from the fruit, leaves, flowers, bark such as the antiscorbutic properties of the pulp, laxative action of the fruit juice and diuretic properties of leaf sap (Ghosh, 1987 Lakshmanan and Narayanan, 1990 Lewis et al., 1970 Mustapha et al., 1996 Rajan et al., 1989 Rao, 1995 Sano et al., 1996). An infusion of the leaves is said to be cooling and useful in bilious fever. A poultice of the fresh leaves is applied to swellings and boils, and for relieving pain, and that of the flowers in inflammatory infections of the conjunctiva. The bark is astringent and is given in diarrhoea in lotions and poultices, it is also applied to sores and boils. In some countries, the bark is reported to be prescribed in asthma, amenorrhoea, and as a tonic and febrifuge (Anon., 1976).

Salad Dressings

Cooked dressings may be savory or sweet. Sweet cooked dressings may include fruit or fruit juice. 3. Place the milk or fruit juice in a saucepan and bring it to a simmer. Be careful not to scorch the milk. To scorch means to burn with too intense of a heat. 4. Gradually beat the milk or fruit juice into the egg mixture.

Baby food products

Products made up of mixtures of fruit puree and fruit juice, along with other ingredients such as brown sugar, cane sugar, and wheat flour cooked together can provide an interesting final product that is wholesome and a good source of energy to toddlers. These snacks can be made into a three to four inch thin stick form that dissolves slowly as the toddler sucks on them. Outer coatings of such products are usually dusted by various flavorings, sugar powder, and starch. Because they are a high moisture product of 18 or so and contain high amounts of sugars and sweeteners, they may not be stable if left out for a long period of time. They need to be packaged in a manner where only a small portion of the product is removed from the package and the package is then resealed to prevent hydration of the sugars from atmospheric humidity. Syrup infused cereals protected by US patent and European publication number WO98 19562, can produce in one step during the manufacturing process cereals and...

Muscadine Varieties

'Thomas' This standard grape has reddish black, small to medium berries that are very sweet and excellent for fresh juice. Locally available. Origin southern United States. 'Topsail' Clusters of three to five berries have green fruit splotched with bronze. This sweetest of all muscadines is very good for fresh use. It is a poor producer. Vines are not very hardy but are disease resistant. Origin North Carolina. 'Yuga' These reddish bronze berries are sweet and of excellent quality but ripen late and irregularly. They are fine for home gardens. Origin Georgia.

Jams and Jellies

To make this, use skins and cores of cut-up apples or whole apples, or apple pulp. Boil 2 lb. apples with 4 c. water for about 45 minutes. Extract the juice through a cloth or jelly bag without using pressure. Boil the resulting juice 15 minutes and can it if you won't be using it right away. Use a cup of this apple pectin per 1 c. pectin-weak fruit juice. When making jellies using this combination of apple pectin juice and other fruit juice, 3A c. sugar per 1 c. liquid is usually correct. Old-Time Test for Pectin. Here's a way to tell whether you have enough pectin present for good jellying Into a glass container put 1 T. juice with this mix 1 T. alcohol. If you have enough pectin, the fruit juice will turn into a jelly-like mass that you can gather up with a spoon. If not enough pectin is present, it won't jell when you add the alcohol, and that tells you to add some more pectin. Modern Test (Jelmeter). Or you can buy a modern pectin tester from...

Preserving Juices

Narrow-mouthed quart jar IV2 inches headspace Homemade Frozen Juice Concentrate. Many recipes assume you have frozen fruit juice concentrates, since there are so many fun things you can do with them. To make a homemade frozen juice concentrate just like the store-bought kind, you need only a large, narrow-necked container, such as a gallon jug, and a freezer. The reason it works is because the juicier bits melt before the plain water crystals do. When the drips running off are no longer sweet and colored, take away the jug. Finish melting the ice. Throw out the ice water. Now repeat your freezing and dripping procedure 2 more times (3 total). You now have a fine concentrate. Store it in the freezer. canning Juice Heat high-acid fruit juices from apricots, berries, red cherries, red grapes, peaches, plums, and rhubarb to 190 F to inactivate enzymes and deepen color. If you do it in the top of a double boiler, you'll get a fresher fruit flavor. Don't let the temperature reach the...

Using Dried Food

You can eat dried foods straight or rehydrate ( refresh ) them by soaking or cooking in water, broth, or fruit juice. The warmer the water, the quicker the food will soak it up. Don't add sugar or salt to the rehydrating fluid they both hold back water absorption. DRIED FRUIT JAM Use dried fruit in any combination that suits you. Add extra sweetener if you like 'A c. dried apricots with 14 c. dates, for example, is good. Make this in a blender and moisten with a fruit juice to enhance spreadabil-ity. One cup pineapple juice is about right in that apricot-date combo. It helps to soak the dried fruit overnight in the juice before blending. This dried fruit jam makes a nice syrup on pancakes and waffles too.

Fruit Leathers

The fruit or vegetables need to have the consistency of a smooth puree that is thin enough to pour. Add more fruit juice (any fruit juice will be great) or water if thinning is needed. (Apple and pumpkin tend to need thinning.) But too much water makes a puree that's too thin thin puree tend to make a leather that sticks to the drying surface. (Grape and berry purees tend to be too thin.) If the puree is too thin, thicken by combining with a thicker sort of fruit puree by slowly cooking it down over low heat to evaporate some of that water before you start drying or by adding a thickener. There are lots of possible thickeners out there guar gum (It. guar gum per 1 c. juice let rest 10 minutes before you proceed) psyllium seed husks (IT. per 1 c. juice let soak 5 minutes before proceeding) slippery elm (2 T. per 1 c. juice let soak 5 minutes) wheat or oat bran or chia or flax seeds. CRISP FRUIT WAFERS Add 'A c. wheat bran per I c. thin fruit puree. Mix well, and proceed immediately as...

Frozen Desserts

Sherbets and ices are made from fruit juices,water, and sugar. American sherbets usually contain milk or cream and, sometimes, egg whites.The egg whites increase smoothness and volume. Ices, also called water ices, contain only fruit juice,water, sugar, and, sometimes, egg whites.They do not contain milk products.The French word sorbet (sor bay) is sometimes used for these products. Granit (grah nee tay) is a coarse, crystalline ice made without egg white.

Clear Sauces

Clear sauces are those made without any fat. The clear refers to the crisp, clean, clear flavors that result when fat is left out of a recipe. You have already tasted a clear sauce in Chapter 1, the clear caramel sauce. In this case, water was added to the caramelized sugar instead of the more traditional heavy cream and butter. You experienced the depth of flavor, the full deep plate profile that was the result. Consider infusing the liquid for a clear sauce with an herb or spice to make this sauce even more flavorful. Liquids such as fruit juices, liquors or pur es can be substituted for the water.


A beverage is any liquid used to quench thirst. A hot drink on a cold day or a cold drink on a hot day can make an important contribution to the comfort and morale of the troops. Beverages such as coffee, tea, and carbonated drinks of low nutritive value, and those containing cocoa, milk, eggs, fruit, or fruit juices are of high nutritive value. Beverages may be served hot or iced, depending upon the season of the year, the meal being served, and the type of work performed by the troops. The essential factors to be taken into account in the preparation of beverages are freshness, blend and temperature of ingredients (including water) accuracy of measurements care in preparation time of preparation (just before serving for coffee and tee) cleanliness and adequacy of equipment and selection of the other components of the meal.


Beverage-Based Syrups These are handy for making drinks on camping trips and at picnics. They keep well in the refrigerator, and a little syrup poured into a glass three-quarters full of cold water or soda water and ice makes an easy, quick drink the children can fix for themselves. Just about any fruit juice can be made into a syrup cherry, raspberry, and the like. Add ice, if possible, when serving. Dilute with ginger ale or various clear bubblies for variety You can store unsealed syrup in bottles or a fruit jar. Store in a cool, dark place. Beverage-Based Syrups These are handy for making drinks on camping trips and at picnics. They keep well in the refrigerator, and a little syrup poured into a glass three-quarters full of cold water or soda water and ice makes an easy, quick drink the children can fix for themselves. Just about any fruit juice can be made into a syrup cherry, raspberry, and the like. Add ice, if possible, when serving. Dilute with ginger ale or various clear...

Other Dressings

You will find in many cookbooks a great variety of dressings based on neither mayonnaise nor oil and vinegar.They include dressings based on sour cream and on fruit juice and yogurt (for fruit salads), and low-calorie dressings that appeal to the dieter. The important thing to remember is that these dressings should have well-balanced flavors with a pleasant tartness, and they should harmonize with and complement the salad with which they are served.


Appetizers are used primarily to whet the appetite and to stimulate the flow of the gastric juice, not to satisfy hunger. To accomplish this function, appetizers must be attractively prepared, temptingly flavored, and properly served. Since many appetizers are tidbit morsels made up of any type of food that is pleasing to the taste there are not many standard recipes for them. Much is left to the talent, ingenuity, and taste of the dining facility personnel and to the food supply. The appetizers served in dining facilities are generally classed as cocktails, fruit juices, stuffed celery and soups. An appetizer may be served in many forms such as cocktails, canap s, hors d'oeuvres, as long as it performs its primary function. (Note. Soups, which are usually appetizers, are described in another lesson of this subcourse.)

Control Techniques

Basic Food Prep

The four methods of mixing are stirring, beating, folding, and blending. Each recipe specifies the mixing method to be used to obtain the best results if one method is substituted for another, the results may not be satisfactory. When the mixing techniques are controlled by use of an electric mixer, the effects of individual differences such as pattern or force of strokes are decreased. The standard recipe indicates the speed and length of time the electric mixer should be used to obtain the desired result. Air is purposely whipped into some foods like egg white, whipped cream, and other foams. Some foods change flavor and others become undesirable when they are aerated. The nutritive values of fruit juices may be decreased if juices are aerated and held for a long time before being served. The food service sergeant must insure that the dining facility personnel thoroughly understand and use the proper method of mixing so that the quality of the food served meets...

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