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Guide To Beating Hypoglycemia

Here's Just A Tiny Glimpse Of The Topics Covered: The 3 main types of hypoglycemia and which type you're most likely suffering from. How snacking on chocolate bars can actually make you Fat and worsen your condition! (If you thought those delicious dark brown bars were great energy- boosters.think again!) The No. 1 question most folks have when it comes to hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia. Why you should insist on a 6-hour Gtt and not a 5-hour one. ( Why it might not be a good idea to consult a doctor to confirm your hypoglycemia. Aside from taking a Gtt, what other methods can you use to determine whether or not you're suffering from this condition? Well, refer Chapter 4, Pgs. 23-26 to take a revealing 67-question test especially designed to find out if you've got the symptoms. An inspiring motivational exercise that will help you effectively banish all of your negative thoughts that prevent you from having peace of mind. 2 good reasons why you should keep a food journal. 3 powerful nutrients that limit the effect of glucose on your blood sugar level. This is vital to a hypoglycemic as it helps slow down the absorption of sugar in the food. The secret impulse that literally forces you to say 'yes' to a candy bar or chocolate whenever you feel the hunger pangs gnawing at you. 2 ingredients that are lethal to a hypoglycemic. 'Hidden sugars' you must know to avoid buying products that can easily worsen your condition. 8 essential rules of food planning that are crucial to your speedy recovery from hypoglycemia. Leave out one of them and it could hurt your chances of recovering. How to create a healthy food plan that's suitable for both vegetarian and non- vegetarian hypoglycemics. Most food plans only focus on non-vegetarians, but this one works great for everybody! Read more here...

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Functional properties

Curry leaf has a potential role in the treatment of diabetes. Hypoglycemic action on carbohydrate metabolism was reported in rats fed with curry leaves.14 Hepatic glycogen and glycogenesis, as evident from the increased activity of glycogen synthetase, were increased and glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis were decreased as evident from the decreased activity of glycogen phosphorylase and gluconeogenic enzymes.

Nutritional Approaches to Health Problems

The most common health complications faced by overweight men and women are complications that arise from the risk factors associated with blood-sugar disturbances, such as hypoglycemia and diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. For these conditions I commonly prescribe the nutrients described below. Again, I remind you that these dosages represent what I often prescribe and might in fact prescribe for you if you suffer from one of these complications For hypoglycemia Basic 3, my Blood Sugar Formula, plus chromium (800 to 1,000 mcg per day), Lglutamine, zinc, selenium, magnesium, all of the B complex vitamins and extra biotin. Alternatively, I use Atkins Formula HF-12.

Nutritional analysis OF recipes

People with diabetes, hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and candida (yeast infection). + Broccoli Rabe Stevia is a herb native to South America. What makes it unique, is that a very small amount of it is very sweet, and it has no sugar (carbohydrates) or calories. For cooking, it is used as a sweetener. White stevia powder is very concentrated, 200-300 times sweeter than sugar. Stevia is not widely used in the U.S. due to political reasons. Because it has no sugar, stevia is recommended by the governments of Brazil, China, and Japan for use by hypoglycemics and diabetics. Stevia is also anti-fungal, making it ideal for individuals with yeast conditions (candidiasis) this natural sweet-tasting herb satisfies the desire for a sweet treat without feeding the yeast. Stevia can be difficult to use because it does not have the same effects as other sweeteners (such as, sugar (e.g., sucanat), maple syrup, or agave). Other sweeteners make cakes moist and light, and stevia will not....

Nutrients for Correcting Imbalance

As for the pharmaceutical approach, I have long opposed the unrestricted use of drugs such as insulin and the insulin-mimicking sulfonylurea type of oral anti-diabetes medications. Since the majority of Type II diabetics produce too much insulin, those drugs simply make matters worse. It is necessary to gradually lower the insulin-like medication dosage beginning the day carbohydrate intake is lowered to prevent abnormally low blood sugar so as to avoid a possible overdosage of the drug.


In addition to being helpful for weight loss, the glycemic index has enormous potential as a tool for minimizing the risk factors associated with certain diseases. As the message spreads that hyperinsulinism is a factor in certain illnesses and disease-and it has spread like wildfire in the medical establishment over the last five or six years-the glycemic index becomes an ever more important tool for selecting foods. In my practice most of my patients have symptoms of unstable blood sugar (you may know it as hypoglycemia). Time and time again I have found this condition dramatically clears up when a diet inducing a lower glycemic response is followed. Also, doctors who specialize in diabetes are learning not only how important it is to control their patients' intake of carbohydrates, but how the glycemic index can help their patients do that intelligently.


The best time to eat lunch when backpacking is from about one hour after breakfast until about one hour before dinner, continuously. In other words, frequent small snacks of complex carbohydrates all day long. That way the body has a constant source of energy available and the Scout is less likely to get too tired. We generally recommend nibbling on trail mix all morning and afternoon, with a little more substantial food for lunch. Carbohydrates come in two main types, simple and complex. Simple carbohydrates are sugars. These cause a rush of energy that lasts an hour or so and leaves you with a jittery feeling from low blood sugar too much insulin. Your system yo-yos back and forth and you don't really have the sustained energy you need. Complex carbohydrates are like tiny time capsules of energy the body needs to digest them, and when it does they release energy for long period with no waste products. Examples are breads, cereals, beans, pasta, etc. So, what kinds of complex...

The Blood Sugar Test

The GTT measures your blood sugar after twelve hours of fasting and then over the course of five to six hours after you drink a sugary liquid with no other food or beverage. Any variation from the normal range may be viewed with suspicion. If the highest reading is over 160 mg cc, it may suggest pre-diabetes if the lowest reading is thirty percent below your baseline, or below 60 mg cc, you may have reactive hypoglycemia (more accurately called unstable blood sugar), an early stage of diabetes. If the difference between the highest and lowest readings is over 90 mg cc, it may indicate a problem, as does a drop in sugar level of 60 points or more within an hour. Many other criteria exist to show deviations from normal-all of which take on more importance if other symptoms exist, such as dizziness, trembling, palpitations, brain fog, craving sweets, bingeing or other compulsive eating behaviors. If you have a family history of diabetes, it is essential that you be properly tested.

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