Wilch hazel

Homamelis virginiana Hemorrhoid healer

In clinical trials, topical applications of witch hazel have been demonstrated to be as effective as other medications (including corticosteroids) for the relief of the pain, itching and bleeding of hemorrhoids. The herb is also traditionally taken internally for the treatment of hemorrhoids, but its astringent nature makes it unsuitable for people with a tendency to be constipated. 0 DOSAOI Rub witch hazel gel, ointment or tincture into the affected area once a day. Talk to a professionally trained herbalist, who can help determine whether internal use of witch hazel is appropriate for your circumstances.

A natural trigger

Laxative herbs tend to contain varying quantities of compounds called anthraquinone glycosides, which travel through the digestive system to the intestine, where they stimulate peristalsis and trigger a bowel movement. Since this effect usually occurs about 8 hours after the herbs are consumed, they are traditionally taken in the evening, with the objective of developing a regular towel habit in the mornings.

Witch hazel is native to North America, where it was used medicinally by Native American tribes.


• Anthraquinone-containing herbs should not be taken in excessive doses, or for more than 10 days at a time.

• Do not use herbs to treat constipation in children, or if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have undiagnosed abdominal pain or an intestinal or gallbladder blockage. Chinese rhubarb is also contraindicated in persons suffering from arthritis or kidney or urinary tract disease.

• Persons diagnosed with an intestinal illness should only use herbal medicines (including psyllium) on medical advice.

• Psyllium may interfere with the absorption of other medicines, so separate doses by 2 hours

• Always drink lots of water when using psyllium, because cases of choking have occasionally been reported in people who have taken psyllium powders without adequate fluids.

• Rhubarb leaves are toxic and should not be consumed.

• Topical applications of witch hazel occasionally cause contact allergy. Stop using it immediately if you are concerned.

• With the exception of topical applications of witch hazel, do not use the herbs on this page if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, except under the advice of a healthcare professional.

digestive system

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