When to plant

The best time to plant depends on your climate. In general, planting times are divided into two seasons - warm and cool. The warmer months of spring and summer fall between September and February, while the cooler months of autumn and winter fall between March and October.

From year to year, these times may vary slightly, from a couple of weeks to a month, depending on the weather, with the limiting factor being the temperature — or more specifically, frost. In tropical locations, where many plants can be grown all year round in the hot and humid conditions, the overriding factor is rain. In such climates, the seasons are divided into wet or dry, and the best time for planting is during the wet season.

Plants themselves fall within two groups - frost-tender (including tropical and warm-temperate plants) and frost-hardy (cool-temperate and cold-hardy). If you live in a warm- or cool-temperate climate, you should determine when the first and last frosts are likely to occur and plant accordingly.

Once you've made your choice at the nursery, check for pests and even growth before buying.
Kick-start a garden bed or potted display by purchasing maturing, flowering herbs in pots.

Plant frost-tender plants about two weeks after the last cold snap. In frost-prone areas, a good alternative planting method is to start seeds off Indoors and then transplant the seedlings into the garden later.

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