Tuck one of these sachets under a pile of linen or clothing and the gentle aromatic fragrance will permeate the fabric

Lavender has a fresh scent associated with cleanliness, which isn't surprising when you consider that the name is derived from the Latin word for "to wash." The sachets work best in small, enclosed areas and their fragrance should last for about three months. After this time, they can be opened and refilled with some newly dried lavender.

Alternatively, you could try a filling of cotton lavender. A moth-deterrent it also has a fresh, aromatic scent.

l/Jkat you/ need

Finished sachets are approximately

□ thin cardboard or template plastic

□ 2 x 8-in. (20-cm) squares cotton print (or 1 square print and 1 square embroidery linen)

□ fine lead pencil

D matching machine thread

□ narrow ribbon, for hanging (optional)

□ dried lavender

□ small button (optional)

□ Anchor Stranded Cotton: 101 Very Dark Violet; 1030 Dark Blue-Violet; 860 Fern Green (optional)

□ crewel embroidery needle (optional)

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