To make your wreath

If you are using a ribbon, lie this onto the base first, as it is difficult lo add it later without squashing or hiding the foliage. Attach a length of florist wire lo make a loop for hanging. At ihe end of each step, place the wreath in an upright position to check the coverage and balance. It is hard to judge if something is lopsided or overworked when it is lying Dal on a bench.

1 Lay the frame on a work surface. Using the wire, attach short lengths of olive branch to the whole circle, allowing them to overlap.

2 Add short lengths of bay sprigs, tying them on securely with the wire. Keep them small; the resuli should not be loo bushy.

!i Add small bunches of violets or other nowers. such as lavender, roses (trimmed of thorns), clove pinks or jasmine. If your chosen flower has particularly attractive leaves that are worth featuring, include them. loo. Here, the broad leaves of the violets contrast with the narrow olive and bay leaves.

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