To make your sachet

1 Trace hearl outline onto thin cardboard or template plastic and cut out. (Using template plastic makes it easier to center the embroidered design and the center back seam on the fabric.)

2 lb make the cotton print sachet, cut one fabric square in half, then stitch the halves back together again, allowing a l/4-in. (6-mm) seam and leaving a small opening in the center of the seam for turning and filling. (This will be the center back seam.) Press seam open.

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3 Making sure the back seam is centered, trace around the heart template onto the wrong side of the joined fabric square, but do not cut out.

Place the two fabric squares right sides together. If you are using a hanging loop, insert the ends into the seam at the dip in the top of the hearl shape. Stitch around the traced outline, taking care not to catch the ribbon loop in the seam. Trim away excess fabric about '/< in. (6 mm) outside the stitching. Trim

the point, clip the curves and turn the sachet right side out through the center back seam.

5 Using a paper funnel, loosely fill the sachet with lavender and slipstitch the opening closed.

6 Stitch a small button to the center of the heart, through all layers, using a double strand of machine thread or embroidery cotton. Tie off securely at the back.

7 To make the embroidered sachet, construct the back from a cotton print fabric, as described above. For the embroidered front, trace the stalk positions on the diagram very lightly onto the center of the embroidery linen. (You don't need to trace the flowers.)

8 Using two strands of 860. embroider the stalks by working two or three long straight stitches along the traced line for each stalk, making a liny back stitch to anchor each straight stitch. Thread the needle with two strands of each color (six strands in total) and work flowers in small straight stitches on each side of the stalks, using the diagram as a guide.

!> Making sure the embroidered motif is centered on the heart shape, trace around the template on the wrong side.

10 Join the back and front together, stitching around the traced outline and making sure the back seam is centered. Finish as for the cotton print sachet, above (step 6). but omit the button.

Use this heart-shaped template to trace the sachet outline.

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