To make your sachel

1 Using an appropriately sized cup or saucer, lightly trace a 4-in. (10-cm) diameter circle in the center of one square. If using embroidered organza or brocade, try to center motif or embroidery in the circle.

2 Place second square beneath the first, wrong sides together. Carefully machine-stitch around traced line, leaving an opening ) of about 2 in. (4 cm for the filling. Tie off threads neatly on the back (remember you're working on the right side of the fabric).

,'! Trim around edge of circle with pinking shears, culling about V, in.(1.5 cm) from slilched line.

-1 Carefully fill the sachet wilh molh-repellent herbs, using a funnel or cone of paper. Don't fill loo tightly.

Ti Stitch opening closed, trying to be as accurate as possible. If you want to add a hanging loop, insert the ends of the ribbon into ihe opening and secure them in the seam. Tie off thread ends.

(> To add a felt flower, use the templates (see opposite) to trace and cut a Small flower and a Large flower from two different-colored scraps of felt.

7 Place the Small flower on top of ihe Large one and center a button on top. Place the flower unit in the center of the sachet and stitch it in place through all the layers with two or three strands of embroidery cotton in a complementary color. Tie off the thread securely at the back of Ihe sachet.

felt flower template

Use^ several sockets. : Tke^ stronger the? ^■a^ronce-, the- greater th& protection against destructive insects.

felt flower template

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