To make your pillow

1 For pillow front, cut one lOZ-in. (27-cmi square (finished measurement + Z-in./1-cm seam allowance on all sides). From the same fabric, cut one rectangle, \Q'A x 6 in. (27 x 15 cm), for the Flap (same height as front x 4y.-in./l2-cm flap + Z-in./1-cm seam allowance + l-in./2-cm hem). From the contrast fabric, cut one Back. 10/ x 1IX in. (27 x 30 cm) (same height as front x finished width + Z-in./1-cm seam allowance + 2-in74-cm hem).

2 Starling and finishing in the center of one side and with right sides together, baste ric-rac to edge of the pillow front, remembering to allow for ease around the corners.

Press under and stitch a /-in (I-cm) double hem (I mJ2 cm in all) on one long edge of the flap.

4 With right sides together and allowing a /-in. (I-cm) seam, stitch flap to one side of (lie pillow along the lOZ-in. (27-cm) edge. Press seam open.

Press under Z in. (1 cm) on one side of Back. Press under another 1/ in.

(3 cm). Sliich hem in place. (Back now measures 10x10/ in/26 x 27 cm.)

(> Place pillow front, right side up. on your work surface, with the flap extended. Place the back on lop. right side down, so thai raw edges match the front and the hemmed edge of the back aligns W illi the seam line of the Flap.


Fold the flap back over the back, so that the right side of the riap is against the wrong side of the back.

Allowing /-in. (I-cm) seams, stitch around the three edges, through all layers. (If you have used a very bulkv braid, you might need U> use a zipper fool.) Trim corners, fold flap back over and turn the cover right side out.

It From calico, nil and stitch an inner pillow the same finished size as the finished cover measurements (in this case. 10 in/25 cm square). You will need to leave <in opening for filling and turning.

9 Turn the calico pillow to the right side out. and use a greaseproof paper cone to loosely fill ii with ihe herb of your choice. Stitch opening closed, then insert the pillow into the cover, using the Flap to hold it in place.

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