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Melaleuca alternifolia Proven tinea treatment

Tea-tree oil is effective against a vast number of disease-causing fungi. Clinical trials also support its use, especially in foot conditions, such as tinea pedis (athlete's foot) and onchomycosis, a fungal infection of the toenail that is very difficult to treat and can lead to destruction of the nail.

In order to be effective, the tea-tree oil needs to be used at just the right concentration - in one study, a solution containing 50 percent tea-tree oil killed the fungal infection in 64 percent of tinea sufferers after 4 weeks. However, in another study that used tea-tree at a concentration of only 10 percent, the tinea symptoms improved but the infection remained present.

With fungal nail infections, applying 100 percent tea-tree oil for a minimum of 3 months has been shown to achieve similar results to pharmaceutical topical agents, with about half of all people experiencing improvements in symptoms and the appearance of the affected nails. 0 DOS \GK To treat athlete's foot (tinea), make a solution containing 25 to 50 percent tea-tree oil in water, and apply to the affected area twice daily for several weeks. Alternatively, add 15 drops of pure tea-tree oil and some salt to an electronic foot bath (the heat and salt may enhance the antifungal activity of the essential oil), and use for 20 minutes twice a day. For onchomycosis, apply 100 percent tea-tree oil to the affected area twice daily for at least 3 months. Specially formulated tea-tree oil products can also be useful for some other types of fungal infections - talk to your medical herbalist.

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