St Johns wort

Hypericum perforatum Proven antidepressant

PMS causes many women to experience depression, increased anxiety and also difficulty in relating to family and friends. Since its efficacy for the treatment of depression from other causes is well established, it's likely that St. John's wort is also an effective treatment for these PMS symptoms. In a small pilot study published in 2000, women taking St. John's wort reported that the severity of their mental and emotional PMS symptoms had improved by more than 50 percent after just two menstrual cycles. Further investigation is required to determine whether longer-term use has additional health benefits. 0 DOS \GK Look for supplements that are standardized for their content of hypericin and hyperforin, which are considered the main active constituents, and with a daily dose of 900 mg per day of the concentrated (6:1) extract, which is equivalent to 5.4 g of the dried herb. Take the supplements throughout the month.

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