Silica which strengthens nails

Fragrant foot soak The herbs and essential oils in this aromatic blend are astringent and antibacterial, helping to reduce sweatiness, fight odor and leave feet fresh and clean. Both rosemary and ginger are warming herbs and stimulate circulation of blood; their uplifting scents raise the spirits.

2 tablespoons fresh rosemary 2 tablespoons fresh sage 1 tablespoon fresh ginger root, finely grated 4 cups (1 liter) water 1 tablespoon baking soda 1 tablespoon Epsom salts 10 drops eucalyptus oil 10 drops lavender essential oil extra water small ice cubes or crushed ice

1 Place rosemary, sage and ginger root in a large saucepan with water. (If you have no fresh herbs to hand, use 1 tablespoon of each herb in dried form instead.) Bring to the boil Remove from heat, cover bowl and steep for 10 minutes. Strain.

2 Add baking soda, Epsom salts and essential oils. Mix well. Pour into a f< spa or shallow dish big enough for both feet. Top up with extra water ai add ice.

3 Soak feet for 15 minutes; pat dry. Finish with a light dusting of OrangĀ« blossom powder (see page 274).

Rinse off residue and pat dry. CM nails straight across with nail clippers. Smooth with an emery hoard, remembering to always file in one direction. Gently push back cuticles with a cuticle stick. Never cut cuticles, as I hey protect nails from bacteria.

I Massage your feet w ith Rose geranium foot balm (opposite). Wipe over nails with acetone-free remover, then paint with a toluene-free polish.

Super-soft powder Cornflour and arrowroot add a silken texture while the clay absorbs more than 200 times its weight in moisture. In addition, the essential oils eliminate odor-causing bacteria. To boost this powder's ability to stop sweatiness, try adding 1 tablespoon zinc oxide powder (available from your chemist).

'/: cup (60 g) baking soda Vj cup (60 g) cornflour 2 tablespoons powdered arrowroot 2 tablespoons white cosmetic clay 15 drops lemon essential oil 15 drops neroli essential oil 10 drops lemongrass essential oil

1 Sift baking soda, cornflour and arrowroot to remove lumps. Add clay and mix well. Add the oils and sift again.

2 Store powder in an airtight, lidded container in a cool, dark place.

3 To use, dip a powder puff into the mixture and apply after bathing, or decant mixture into a small shaker.

Treat your feet

This therapeutic and relaxing home pedicure avoids the toxic polishes and potentially dangerous fungal Infections associated with nail salons.

I Use an acetone-free product to remove old nail polish. Remove stains by rubbing nails wilh a few drops of lemon essential oil. Buff with a fine emery board. Fill a large rial-bottomed bow l with warm water and add 1 cup (250 ml) apple cider vinegar and 1 cup (250 ml) strong lavender tea (steep 4 teaspoons dried lavender in 1 cup (250 ml) boiling water for 10 minutes; strain). The acetic acid in the vinegar softens the skin, while lavender heals any minor infections.

2 While skin is still damp, massage w ith Peppermint foot scrub (opposite) or make a simple foot scrub with equal parts sea salt and Castile soap (available from health food stores). Buff heels and soles with a pumice stone or loofah.

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