Rest your head on a pillow filled with aromatic herbs and youll quickly find yourself relaxing and drifting into an untroubled sleep

Füll your sleep pillow with a single herb or with a combination of herbs. Take care to choose ones that will help to ease your mental and physical fatigue and also complement each other. Herbs known for their calming properties include lavender and roses. Avoid herbs such as eucalyptus and cinnamon, as their more insistent aromas tend to energize rather than relax.

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The pillows vary in size from about 10 in. (25 cm) square to 9'/, to 127? in. (32 x 24 cm). These instructions are for a 10-in. (25-cm) square pillow.

□ 12 in. (30 cm) square contrast cotton print

C matching sewing thread a 1 x 2 ft. (30 X 60 cm) calico, or other fine material

□ dried herbs of your choice, for filling

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