Nettle root

Urtica dioica Support for mild prostate conditions

Like saw palmetto, nettle root has been clinically trialled for the relief of mild BPH, and the two herbs are often taken in combination. Nettle is documented to improve a range of BPH symptoms, including nighttime urination, frequent urination and incomplete emptying of the

The berries of the saw palmetto were used by both Native Americans and European settlers.

bladder. In a study of over 2000 patients taking a formula containing nettle root and saw palmetto, improvements were noted in both symptoms and pathol"^-: changes - an indication that the herba combination helps treat the disease, rather than simply suppresses the symptoms. 0 DOSAGE Look for tablets or capsules that provide the equivalent of up to 6 g of dried nettle root per day, and take them according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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