Morse chestnut

Aesculus hippocostonum Relieves symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency

The term "chronic venous insufficiency" is used medically to describe leg veins that are having trouble pumping blood back up to the heart. In time, and with the effects of gravity, the legs become heavy and swollen, and can feel itchy, tense and painful. Varicose veins may also develop. At least 17 clinical trials have examined the effects of horse chestnut seed extract (HCSE), standardized for its content of escin, on the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency. Collectively, this research demonstrates that HCSE can help to relieve the pain, swelling and itchiness associated with chronic venous insufficiency. It appears to do this by helping to maintain the integrity of the blood vessel walls. 0 DOS \(!l! Take commercial tablets or capsules of HCSE that are standardized for their content of escin (sometimes spelt aescin). Look for a product that provides 100 to 200 mg of escin per day, and always take it with food.

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