Milk Ihistle

Silybum marianum Part used Seeds

Milk thistle has such a remarkable ability to prevent and repair liver damage that certain constituents are sometimes used intravenously to treat death cap mushroom poisoning. It is also employed against more frequently encountered toxins, such as alcohol and environmental pollutants, and can help digestive and cholesterol problems, thanks to its effects as a liver and gallbladder tonic. The best-quality products are standardized for their silymarin content, which is considered to be responsible for most of the herb's medicinal benefits.

Tobebuia impetiginosa Part used Inner bark

In the 1960s, pau d'arco developed an international reputation as a cancer cure, but it had been used as a traditional medicine in Brazil for hundreds of years before that. Some of the herb's constituents have been shown in a laboratory setting to inhibit the growth and activity of tumor cells. An immuno-stimulant action that may further help the body fight cancer (as well as fungal diseases and other infections) has also been documented. However, extensive research will be required before its potential is fully understood.

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