Liver and gallbladder support

Your liver and gallbladder are vital for your digestive and detoxification processes. Look after litem, so they can look after you.

Milk thistle

Silybum morianum

Liver protection and repair

The seeds of milk thistle (also known as St Mary's thistle) contain a group of antioxidant compounds collectively referred to by the name silymarin.

Studies show silymarin helps protect liver cells from damage and aids the repair or replacement of injured cells. Under professional supervision, milk thistle and silymarin aid the management of a wide range of serious liver problems, including non-alcoholic and alcoholic liver disease and some forms of hepatitis.

Milk thistle can also be used to prevent or treat the effects of overindulgence in alcohol and fatty foods, to prevent liver damage from toxic exposure, and for headaches and skin problems associated with poor liver function. 0 IN)S \<iK Look for tablets or capsules that are standardized for their silymarin content (sometimes labelled as flavanolignans or silybin), and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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