Lemon halm

Melissa officinalis Cold-sore treatment

Clinical studies show that lemon balm is an effective topical remedy for cold sores, helping to decrease healing time, prevent lesions from spreading and relieve symptoms. Symptomatic relief is particularly impressive on the second day of the outbreak, which is usually the time when symptoms are at their most acute. These effects aren't surprising, since laboratory tests show that the herb, and particularly its fragrant essential oil, has the ability to quickly kill the herpes simplex viruses 1 and 2. 0 DOS VCiK The lemon balm cream used in the clinical studies mentioned was extremely concentrated (containing the equivalent of 700 mg of lemon balm extract per gram). Look for commercial preparations of the same strength, or

If you brush past lemon balm, the leaves release a delicious lemon-and-mint scent.

ask a medical herbalist to make some for you. Alternatively, try making a strong infusion of lemon balm and use the liquid in a compress. For more detailed instructions, see page 194.

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