Keep your clothing in good condition with pretty sachets filled with herbs that deter wouklbe marauding insects

Herbs with properties that repel insects are generally very aromatic. Wormwood, whole cloves, bay leaves, eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, crushed cinnamon sticks, peppermint and feverfew are useful weapons in the fight against moths and other insects that can damage fabrics such as wool, mohair and other animal fibers. These herbs also help purify stale air, while rue is useful for keeping pesky flies at bay. For the best effect, give the sachets an occasional quick squeeze or shake to release more scent.

Not only are insects keen to make a meal of particular fabrics, they will also target ones stained with perspiration or food. Be sure to launder your household linen and clothes before you store them.

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Each finished sachet measures

5 in. (13 cm) approximately in diameter.

□ 2 x 6-in. (15-cm) squares plain or embroidered organza, lawn or pretty brocade

C3 sharp pencil

T machine thread

□ dried moth-repellent herbs and spices (use a mixture of any, or all, of the herbs mentioned above)

□ pinking shears

□ length of ribbon, for the hanging loop

H small or decorative button (optional)

C; scraps of felt in two toning colors (optional)

[ : stranded embroidery cotton (optional)

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