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If you believe the marketing hype, your laundry is the forum for a vicious battle between dirt and the arsenal of toxic weapons that are clearly required to stop it in its tracks. But do you ever get the feeling that you might be aiming a machine gun al an ant? You bought a power gel with optical brighleners. oxy action and improved grease cutting — but, hey. you only wore the T-shirt once. Go back to some basic principles. Soap and water are the time-honored enemies of dirt, and nothing beats the delicious fresh scent and non-toxic disinfectant qualities of simple herbs.

Herbal pre-wash stain remover

Ammonia is a strong cleaning agent with fumes that can irritate, but it quickly breaks down in the environment and is safer than many commercial products.

V2 cup (125 ml) phosphate-free laundry or dishwashing detergent V2 cup (125 ml) cloudy ammonia 10 drops lavender or lemon essential oil or eucalyptus oil

1 Combine all the liquids in a spray bottle, then shake.

2 Spray onto stains before washing, then wash immediately. (Do not leave clothes that have been sprayed with this solution unwashed because it can have a bleaching effect.) Do not use it with chlorine bleach.

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