Introducing the remedies

Here's a list of the Bach Flower Remedies and their main indications. Agrimony helps cheerful people who are secretly troubled to deal with their underlying problems. Aspen supports those who are anxious or worried, but are unable to identify what frightens them. Beech fosters a spirit of compassion in those who are intolerant of people who are different to them. Centaury helps people who over-extend themselves helping others to learn to say no so they don't wear themselves out. Cerato boosts self-confidence, teaching you to listen to your own counsel instead of others' opinions.

Clematis (Clematis vitalbo) may also encourage great creativity and make you more alert.

Cherry plum is for people who fear for their sanity, who feel they are heading for a nervous breakdown, or who are frightened they will harm themselves or others.

Chestnut bud teaches you to learn from your experiences, so you don't repeat the same mistakes again. Chicory is for people who risk stifling their relationships by clinging too tightly to their loved ones.

Clematis brings those who are always dreaming about the future back down to earth to focus on the present. Crab apple helps you to heal yourself of any feelings of unworthiness and uncleanliness.

Elm helps people who are overwhelmed by their responsibilities to feel able to cope again.

Gentian provides energy and enthusiasm after discouraging setbacks. Gorse renews optimism in those who feel hopeless, and enables them to see the positive steps they can take.

Cherry plum (Prunus cerasifera) in blossom

AuAtraAojv and South Ajrbcasu

More lhan 65 essences are made from the flora of the Australian wilderness. Many Australian plants are unique in the world, and according to the manufacturers of the Australian Bush Flower Essences, these remedies draw on the wisdom of this ancient landscape to promote lasting emotional change.

The extensive range includes Sturt Desert pea for sadness and deep emotional pain, sunshine wattle to help people w ho are struggling w ith negativity to return to a positive tAjer eA&wioeA/

outlook, and old man banksia to reenergize those who have become lethargic due to frustrations and setbacks.

Like the Bach Flower Remedies, the Australian Bush Flower Essences are created by "tuning in" to each plant's energetic qualities in its natural bushland setting. These energies are then captured and transferred to a liquid remedy that can be taken orally or added to creams.

Also available is a range of South African flower essences, which include agapanthus. blushing bride, keurtjie. nicoliana. sour fig and silverleaf.

Sturt Desert pea (Swoinsono formosa) has been proven to help alleviate deep emotional pain.

Heather helps self-centered people who constantly seek attention from others to become less needy.

Holly helps release feelings of anger, aggression, jealousy and hatred, and encourages a positive, open outlook. Honeysuckle is for people who are stuck in the past, reliving either their past mistakes or past happiness. Hornbeam supports people who procrastinate because they are so overwhelmed by the tasks before them that they feel exhausted before they begin. Impatiens is for critical, irritable or impulsive people who are easily frustrated by the slowness of others. Larch builds self-confidence in those people who consider themselves inferior to others, and helps overcome an expectation of failure. Mimulus helps heal fears and phobias, ranging from anxiety about public speaking to fear of illness or death. Mustard brings clarity and light during times of despair and despondency. Oak helps determined, driven people to realize when it is time to sit back and take a rest, or perhaps to realize that their goal is neither achievable nor worth striving for. Olive brings renewed energy to those who are exhausted by struggle and ready to give up.

Pine is for those who feel guilty about their own perceived past failings, and always feel they could have done better. Red chestnut releases excessive anxiety or fear for the well-being of others. Rock rose brings calm during times of terror, panic or extreme fear. Rock water is for those who deny themselves pleasure in favor of some higher goal and feel a failure when they cannot maintain their own impossibly high standards.

Scleranthus helps people who question themselves when making decisions to instead feel confident in their convictions. Star of Bethlehem heals feelings of shock, regardless of whether the unpleasant event occurred recently or in the distant past.

Sweet chestnut strengthens those who feel they are in a hopeless situation and cannot go on.

Vervain brings flexibility and detachment to people who zealously try to convert others to their own beliefs, and who can become quite worked up by their own efforts.

Vine eases the need to dominate and control, and is for those who are prone to aggression and the abuse of power.

Walnut eases you through times of change and helps you confidently stand your ground when those around you have different opinions.

Water violet helps isolated or aloof people to reconnect with others. White chestnut calms an overly busy mind, helping to settle circular or repetitive thoughts and allowing concentration and focus to return. Wild oat helps those who can't decide their direction in life to identify their path. Wild rose rekindles motivation in people who no longer strive for change because they have become resigned to their particular lot in life. Willow helps people who feel overly sorry for themselves and resent the success and happiness of others to return to a more positive outlook.

Medicinal herbs

Modern botanical medicine has become truly international, and herbalists now have access to the most effective herbs from all corners of the globe.

Dang shen is the Chinese name for the herb known in English as bonnet bellflower.

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