Armoracio rusticana Relieves congested sinuses

If you've ever tasted horseradish (or its Japanese cousin wasabi), you'll know that it is a rapid decongestant, clearing the sinuses and easing breathing almost immediately after ingestion. This effect is due to the ability of compounds called glucosinolates to liquefy thickened mucus, making it easier to clear and relieving the pressure and head pain associated with sinus congestion. These are the same compounds that give horseradish its spicy taste. They also have antimicrobial properties, so horseradish helps fight sinus infections, too. In clinical trials in Europe, researchers found that a combination of horseradish and nasturtium (which also contains glucosinolates) was just as effective in treating sinus infection as antibiotics but produced fewer side effects. O I)(\< 11 Use horseradish paste or wasabi as a condiment. Alternatively, take commercially prepared tablets or capsules (with or without nasturtium) at a dose of up to 3 g per day.

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