Horse chestnut

Aesculus hippocastonum

Helps heal ulcers from the inside

According to a small clinical trial, a standardized extract of horse chestnut seed (HCSE) has been demonstrated to enhance the standard medical treatment of leg ulcers. Australian researchers found that compared to those taking a placebo, the wound dressings on the legs of people taking HCSE could be changed less frequently, resulting in a significantly lower cost of treatment. These effects are probably an extension of the actions of horse chestnut on peripheral circulation (see opposite), as about half of all leg ulcers occur as a result of chronic venous insufficiency.

0 DOS \( .I Take commercial tablets or capsules of HCSE that are standardized for their content of escin. Look for a product that provides 100 to 200 mg of escin per day, and always take it with food.

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