Herbal creams

Herbal creams help to relieve itchy skin, soothe burns and irritations, relax tense muscles, encourage wound healing and treat infection.

To make medicated herbal creams at home, start with an unscented non-greasy cream base, such as sorbolene or vitamin E cream. Add some herbal tincture, using a ratio of I part tincture to 10 parts cream, or essential oil at 1 to 2 percent the weight of your base cream. Stir until your cream has an even consistency. (Some essential oils are unsuitable for topical use. so seek professional advice if you are not sure.)

Homemade herbal creams have a short life span, so make a small quantity as you need it and use it up quickly. To help extend the shelf-life. add a few drops of lavender essential oil or the contents of some vitamin E capsules.

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